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  1. Sooo im finally getting ex wifes name covered up on my chest. Its in script, 7 letters long. Who in seattle do I want to do it? FIST...any recomendations?
  2. got ultrasound early next week. shes talking about leaving island and heading back to the westcoast. if the kid is born, ill head back to mainland for sure. which sucks, because i love where i live, but i wouldnt wanna be so far from my kid.
  3. ummm. so... remember my epic drunk roommate i was dating? i got her pregnant. none of my family knows. i cant talk her into aborting the fucking kid so im praying to every god imaginable that she has a miscarriage. she was drinking hella fucking tough at the time it was concieved and a few weeks afer that - so with any luck it will die. if it lives i gotta man up and deal with it. she says she wont hit me up for child support, but i sure as fuck dont believe it. BSM - IF YOU CUM IN A GIRL ALMOST EVERYDAY FOR MONTHS SHE WILL GET PREGGO - WARNING
  4. D: sup ma that party a real deal or wut? i like get nuts na mean? K:who is this? D:my nigga curtis found a flyer for your party K:i think u got the wrong number D:u playin! real talk wuts the address all my CD hood niggas finna show up and shoe u wuts really good K:wrong number bye D:if i see u at the party imma slap your tits for playin with me girl! K: who u even looking for? D: katrina. my nigga found flyers on cap hill with ur phone number bout a party K:this isnt katrina u guys got the wrong number on the flyer D:damn. well u wanna kick it anyways? my nigga bartends at the war room an we can get free drinkswhich is good cause this economy is hurtin K:lol thanks but we dont even no eachother. what kinda party was it? D:it was some kinda leather party sounded like some freaky shit that would b fun to check out. one of my niggas went to one of these bondage parties once and they had chick hitting eachother with flaming spiked bats. she hasnt replied
  5. pozzz, dont even fucking get me started about sunset magazine. some faggot tourist told me i was in it and they were 100% sure the pic was me. which was believable, because they had a write-up about my work in that issue. well it turns out the faggot they thought was me was some clean shaven piece of shit that was hella not yours truly. i had been braggin to hella people that i was all fuckin famous n shit. nope. did u see the pic of the dude on the front page of the hawaii section? they thought that was me. i drove all the goddamn way to lihue wal-mart only to find this out. straight up snapped in the magazine isle. //its all good thought because a hot brazilian chick i met in europe the other year just passed the bar exam and is coming to hawaii to celebrate and im going to try and get her pregnant. //actually hopefully well just get married and ill get dual citizenship //actually i dont want to marry her ive just drank too much and look forward to cumming inside her rich ass //bsm
  6. chatting with other tourists/travelers is one of my fav things. exchanging stories and such. im going back to school in the fall, and while im pumped to get my study on, im hella bummed i cant travel whenever i want for a few more years... le sigh BNH, when u gonna come visit ye olde island, brah?
  7. i set off the smoke detector in the bar of that bulldog hostel. pretty proud of myself for setting off a smoke detector in amsterdam from burning so much hash.
  8. dowmagik

    Cooking with 12oz

    roast beets, remove skin n cut into cubes toss beets in olive oil, balsamic vin, s+p, chopped parsley n thyme crumble goat cheese on top win
  9. we out here threesomes with niggas that harvest coconut water sunset magazine you see me bitch
  10. ohhhh snap. my coworker turned 21 at midnight last night so he joined the boys and i at the bar. long story short i ran into a redheaded girl from south carolina that was visiting. cousin that just turned 21 and i ran a train on her in a fancy hotel. ordered hella room service and charged it to her room. bbssmmm no word bout kel...MIA
  11. i havnt seen a jukebox in over a year. miss em. getting daf n playing careless whispers is whats good /nh tomorrow is my bday, so feel free to get drunk as fuck and be reckless as a way of saying happy bday. still living with the epic drunk blonde girl. i got her to see a counselor so she is starting to be slightly less crazy. still never a dull moment.
  12. cause i thought it was unfair that i had shoes and you didnt so i gave you one of mine to wear so we could "be equal" hah. bromantic!
  13. good on poz for getting sober, but holy fuck, he was fun to get shitfaced with. sleeping overnight in beach cabanas on sheraton beach FTW.
  14. design me outta the picture, haole here on the south shore we treat friends mo bettah
  15. ho cuz need sample da kine, luck dragon for catch ride out hea, hoi. saaaaaaaample dat fawkah. :D :D :D :D :D
  16. shootz brah. weather has been gnarly kine this week, choke rain, hoi. we going learn you how for surf next time you hea, cuz!!
  17. come back to island, bludddd! you finna visit this summer? fuck the mainland oner
  18. last week management had the "sexual harrassment" talk with me because one of the bakers literally cried when she told my sous chef about how disgusted she is by some of the things i say around her. stupid cunt
  19. to celebrate my first calender year in hawaii, earlier this week i got jerry's aloha monkey, but we switched it up to say 'haole'. so far, all the locals that have seen it think it is fucking radical. wp.
  20. good to hear :D nah you never met, shes only been on island since late last yr. she came here for vacation and some sexy lifeguard guy fell for her and moved her out here (payed to have her suv shipped from seattle n everything). but then she met me and left him. dude hella literally cried. i almost* feel bad for the guy since he dumped so much goddamn money into moving her to island, but regardless of his sexy lifeguard muscles, he still isnt bsm * indicates that i dont really feel bad
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