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    I had a really hot coworker that had thought Quincy was really sexy so she asked me if all three of us could hang out sometime. We all went to the beach together, and a good time was had. Someone brought up hard alcohol so we bought some and my boy put it DOWN. He had a Christopher Hitchensesque way about him, in the sense that he could get smashed yet remain incredibly articulate and a blast to have a conversation with. I didnt realized how drunk dude was until it was too late. The chick and Q were really hitting it off, so I was thinking maybe it was my time to bounce, so they could be alone. Next thing I know, Q begins puking all over the inside of girl's car. Im not talking a lil on the floorboards, homie soaked this fucking whip all over the goddamn place. Oh man, girl was freaking out, hahah. I ended up having to take off my shirt and give it to him cause the poor prick was covered in his last couple meals and in my drunken state of mind, i thought if i got a clean shirt on him it would somehow fix the situation. It didn't. At all. Girl by now is super pissed at the both of us and quincy had blacked out in her car. What happened after that was a blur, but Q and her definately never hung out in the future. I gave him hell about that day for a long time, and he was a good sport about it. He moved back to mainland not long after pukefest and got sober, I was super fucking proud of him, and still am. Love ya, buddy. You cant read this, but, fuck it. RIP Quincy
  2. I got my MBA, got off drugs, quit doing graffiti, am sensitive when women cry, and I'm vegan. Naaaahhhh
  3. Spend less money at the bars Hike more often Belly tattoo No hard drugs (only used on 3 occasions in 2013, which im hella proud of) Stop putting off enrolling in school Dont impregnate anyone Buy a nice telescope
  4. Masta, posting shit like this is a good way to meet a cop. Sorry, bud.
  5. Shit yes. Dude, i got a letter from san diego county wanting over $500 cause i didnt go to court on a fucking jaywalking ticket i got in escondido. Fuck that shit.
  6. For those of you that dont know, spectr passed away a while ago. Im surprised nobody has made him a thread yet...dude had been posting on here for a decade, at least. He was a cool cat that lived a nuts life. I last heard from him in 2012 and he said he was gonna fly out to visit me and wanted to know if i knew anybody that knew how to make holograms. Classic JT shit. I first met the fucker kinda by accident in ~2004. He had been painting with some friends of mine and when i asked them what he looked like they said that he looks like some kinda dreadlocks wearing hippy. Next week, im working my shitty graveyard shift 7-11 job and a dreadlocked hippy fucker walks in. I aksed him if he wrote and sure as shit, it was spectr. Anywho...rest well, buddy. You had a good heart and a lust for adventure that most know nothing about. Rest In Pornbooths
  7. Rip JT. First I've heard of him passing. Dude was a crazy fuck. Good guy tho. Thanks for racking me booze buddy. RIP
  8. Or maybe she didnt want to show her tits on tv?
  9. I slept on that idea hella tough. I had the better part of a garbage bag filled with toads in my freezer and my roommate eventually through them out. She sold food at farmers markets and the food was kept cool in the same freezer that my toads were in. The tourists woulda freaked if they knew they were eating a dessert that was stored a foot away from a huge collection of poisonous toads.
  10. Im doin my best. She sent me a 'muah' txt a bit ago, which as far as im concerned means 'were still gonna bang and ill let u piss in my holes'. Well see though. Its slim pickins on kauai, when it comes to women, so the chances of meeting a girl there that is down for butt peeing is slim to fuckin none.
  11. She just doesnt wanna bang anymore cause she knows im moving back to hawaii and she says its too hard for her cause she catches feelings blah blah blah.
  12. She was def down to let me pee in her butt. She just recently decided she doesnt wanna bang anymore which sucks cause I hella slept on the fact that she was down. :(
  13. And I dont remember what she said to be honest. She liked it tho.
  14. She knew I was gonna piss in her. She didnt want me to piss in her while on her bed so we went in the shower. It took a minute tho cause I had to go in her while hard and then relax and let it get soft while still inside of her so I could piss.
  15. Yeah. We did it in the shower. Hands down she was the most down chick ive ever dated. I used to choke her until tje vlood vessels around her eyes would explode and she would have to lie to coworkers and familt about it. Good girl.
  16. The funnel pic was just for fun. She rarely let me fuck her in the ass let alone pee in it.
  17. I pissed in my last gfs vagina. We discussed peeing in the butt but never got around to it.
  18. I love this goddamn show But the first episode of this season was fucking aweful Cmon kenny...please be funny again
  19. Because he wants to hurt jesse as much as possible? Thats all i can think of
  20. A fun article on wired.com today touched on that...about how walt picks up certain habits from people he has killed. http://www.wired.com/underwire/2013/08/breaking-bad-theories/
  21. Bumping this old thread. Any of u guys still teaching overseas? My little brother has been in Vietnam for the past year making 18/hr teaching english and he's been bugging me about going out there to live it up with him. Unlike him, I dont have a bachelors, so I wouldnt make as much, but he knows cats that just do private lessons and make decent money, or copped fake degrees in bangkok so they could get a work visa and work for a well paying company. Hollar
  22. Oh shit, I forgot about derek noble, good lookin out! Yeh im back on mainland, seattle area. Saving money to move back to island hah. I looked into the tattoo expo but ill b at work :( would love a howse piece...
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