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  1. I agree Ouijas shit is nice . Why Hate , Congradulate. Peace .
  2. Metal and Arys got nice shit.
  3. That italian shit is funny.
  4. OHHHH MAN. That is some supreme wackness. They should be arrested for being so wack.
  5. http://end2end.tripod.com/w/flix/wburn03sm.jpg'> http://end2end.tripod.com/w/flix/wgambleburn02sm.jpg'> http://end2end.tripod.com/w/flix/wburn02sm.jpg'> first one is old. the rest are new.
  6. Nice and clean. The way graff should be. I would like to see your shit with a background or some characters.Overall I like your style though.
  7. I like that style. Inventive yet still real tight. good shit.
  8. Totem.... and them HODK heads. mad ups.
  9. Im not trying to hate but the word FOKIS is already taken. And hes got some skills. But i do like how clean your shit is.
  10. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...... ahhh ... yeah.
  11. Yo disco, Whats up man. I wonder if I know you? hmmmm.... thanks for sayin we can rock with the best. Im glad you can see that. yeah I know Im not up all that much. but whatever. I dont really care about ups. I mean theyre nice and all but latly I havent been much of a bomber. Im all about the nice looking productions. Style and grace you know.
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