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  1. This is great fucking post with out a doubt here's mine. HR Giger, http://www.giger.com/FineArt/Images/li141x200.jpg'> American Pin Up Art from the 40-70s, http://www.greatamericanpinup.com/enterelvgren.jpg'> A Detroit kid who hooked me up with 8 gallons of special paint, a dope Ropas Flick from 97, and a place to crash for the weekend (thanks Gram TSR), My favorite writer from columbus Ropas, Tead, Fel, Graf Core, Kept from 95-98, Nope from Philly, Five from Cincy, Fosik DMX, http://us.a1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/a/iy/music/dmx.jpg'> Indigo Girls, http://us.a1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/a/iy/music/indigogirls.jpg'> Deicide, http://musicfinder.yahoo.com/images/muze/album/280/289426_th.jpg'> John Cougar Mellencamp, positive writers, Dead In The Dirt, Silent Wrytes, Life Sucks Die, Show and Prove, 3rd shift, and Mentally handicapped Mechanics who fix my car for near nothing. God I need to get my car fixed soon
  2. Phem is a good quality writer and good quality person. Much respect
  3. nope that nope is fucking awesome! Is that guy still around? I went out to philly like 4-5 years ago and he had stuff every where. My favorite philly writer and one of my favorite east coast writers. You gat any more flicks of his?
  4. thanks se one, dezn, Dibs, and Ansiq Ansiq thats funny you say that about my throw ups. I always thought they looked wack so I dont even do them. Dezn where did you get that flick? thats awesome cold winter nights. When I was trying to bite revok. God I looked like a moron doing that. Oh well I've grown a lot since last year. Seone yeah I would of just used it blasting on something so its better in your hands then mine more then likely when hunter green would just work fine. Dibs thanks for the comments and I've always liked you style too. As far as Dibts I'd perfer if we could discuss that one privately.
  5. mos detroit senior heres some newer cf detroit stuff http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel01.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel05.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel06.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik16.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik18.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik13.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt05.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt08.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt03.jpg'>
  6. oart 3 Here's part 3 http://cfc.5u.com/cold/colder05.jpg'> Cold in columbus 2001 Legal http://cfc.5u.com/cold/colder04.jpg'> Cold in Cleveland 2001 Legal http://cfc.5u.com/cold/colder02.jpg'> Cold in Cleveland 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/cold/colder01.jpg'> Cold in Cleveland 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/dibt/dibts02.jpg'> Dibts in columbus 2001 legal http://cfc.5u.com/dibt/dibts03.jpg'> Dibts in columbus 2001 legal http://cfc.5u.com/dibt/dibts05.jpg'> Dibts in columbus spring 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/dibt/dibts04.jpg'> Dibts in columbus fall 2001 thats the last one kids
  7. part two Here's some more http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt01.jpg'> Malt legal in Columbus Spring 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt03.jpg'> Malt Detroit 1999-2000 I think not to sure sorry about the bad flick http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt04.jpg'> Malt on a holy roller 2000 http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt06.jpg'> Malt Detroit 2000-01? http://cfc.5u.com/malt/malt08.jpg'> Malt Detroit 2000-01 http://cfc.5u.com/resp/resp01.jpg'> Resp on a train 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/resp/resp02.jpg'> Resp on a wall in Toledo 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/resp/resp03.jpg'> Resp on a freight 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/resp/resp04.jpg'> Resp On a freight 2001 That's Part two
  8. Here are some flicks from some the cold fusion guys. this is the web site http://cfc.5u.com http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel01.jpg'> Fel detroit summer 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel04.jpg'> Fel 2000 Detroit http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel06.jpg'> Fel Detroit 2000 http://cfc.5u.com/fel/fel03.jpg'> Fel In columbus Ohio Legal summer 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik01.jpg'> Fosik Summer 2001 Detroit http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik02.jpg'> Fosik Summer 2001 Columbus Ohio http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik10.jpg'> Fosik Summer 2001 Detroit http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik16.jpg'> Fosik In New York 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/fosik/fosik12.jpg'> Fosik at a art show in Columbus 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/coup/coup01.jpg'> Coup Roller fill 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/coup/coup02.jpg'> Coup Roller On Main Street in Columbus Spring 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/coup/coup06.jpg'> Coup Legal in Summer 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/coup/coup09.jpg'> Coup Freight spring 2001 http://cfc.5u.com/coup/coup03.jpg'> Coup in Cleveland June 2001 (just so its noted this isn't some ones trailor its a construction trailor in cleveland at a soup box derby track or something. Even though it would be a funny site to see a trailor I will never paint on some ones home or church. That's Part one
  9. Accepted and I've only been to Detroit 3 times but I saw some of that Wafl stuff and I loved that shit. With out a doubt one of my more favorite writers from detroit. When I was in detroit I was a lot of Kosek every fucking place that guy kills shit!!! I saw Justo, Dibs, Malt, A few Deco, Fohr has the heavens on lock down, saw that KR and justo roof, The huge lime green dibs and Justo roller fills, who else, oh TSR a ton fo those guys stuff, Army, Gram and some oneelse, I saw more stuff but just cant think of it right now. I saw a ton of pieces in the yard too, malt, dibs, kosek, army, fel, some of the cf kids, and a few othes that I cant remember. Detroit rocks
  10. god shut up Ansiq shut the fuck up about fel. I dont know what the fuck your problem is with him. You're always talking shit about him but it's getting old.
  11. Just seems like a asshole thing to say.
  12. Thats such a asshole thing to say.
  13. Above is on point on the tank situation. All these tanks moving around is very scary.
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