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  1. Re: Great Pictures~ This is my office at work..
  2. I actually have that exact Sako 243. My grandfather gave it to me on my 13th birthday
  3. ^^^^^ I recently broke my "wieght limit" and I didnt like it at all.
  4. Haha... NO About a year ago some guy showed up on location and tryed to sell us that guys cds. Dog wanted me to mail him one for some reason but I couldnt bring myself to buy one..
  5. me


    Ive got a class A CDL with an X endorsment, I can/have driven almost anything.
  6. me

    Best Beer

    Ive been on a Sam Adams kick latly too, But I honestly hate the Boston Lager. I just found there White Ale and really like it.
  7. I go to a local ins. broker and switch ins. once a year or so. I think Im with Equity right now, Ive 0 pionts on my record. I pay $98 a months for full coverage on a 07 Dodge truck and Ive got wierd full coverage on a 78 Jeep/Rockcrawler.
  8. Im in this same situations right now. Ive worked in the oilfield for 5yrs now and for the most part hated every single sec of it... 110hr weeks, Texas/OK summers, being covered in oil and salt water, broken finger, broken ribs, torn tendons in my shoulder, scares all over my hands, seeing a guy crushed to death.... Its been a shitty fucking job. The only thing it has going for it is the money, and now that ive got use to that its hard to find something better that pays the same. Ive been seriously looking since dec. Ive found one place I want to go to just cause of the money, benefits and travel possiblities. Hoping I get the job but I will just be swapping one hell for another. I know I wont like the job but its better/safer than the one im in.. ehh not sure why i typed all this
  9. got to love Descendants and ALL, I had almost forgot about Reagan Youth, Makes me miss all my 7' i use to have
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