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  1. yoo he went off last night lol
  2. Kults

    Lol @ Minneapolis

    hello based dept?
  3. i was gonna say how dumb they think people are but sad thing is, they’re probably right i doubt anything even comes of it
  4. should we start posting stuff from the 80s satanic panic now? pretty widely accepted most of it was nonsense but theres some of it thats a little harder to dismiss. I think Id posted this doc here or in another thread I forget now
  5. that ones a bridge too far for me, they def killed him though not even trying to convince people of it anymore either, if they dont see it by now they never will
  6. They stopped being subtle about it when they off'd Epstein with the world watching
  7. honk honk 🤡 The man was found on Monday in Rockland, New York with apparently a self-inflicted gunshot wound, sources said.“
  8. i’m really surprised that brands making a comeback makes me think of true religion. the early aughts when everyone’s jeans had to have some embroidered design or logo on the pockets
  9. i’m on ep 3. started off really good but now they’re going into her life story and i’m getting bored. why do crime docs always gotta do this shit. i’m there for the crime stuff not for the author/researcher and frankly in this case, she kinda gets on nerves
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