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  1. I dont dispute that. Now, how much of that is caused by pollution is the question
  2. That cats name is Smudge and he has his own IG lollll
  3. I had a knock off of the one on the left. Great looking piece. It got trashed in a move years back RIP it was already kinda falling apart anyway so no huge loss but I liked it
  4. ^ Right?! Thats what I meant I got IKEA quality junk I'd kill for those chairs lol
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/road-rage-shooting-montreal-highway-40-1.5381254
  6. I had the GI Joe model... lol Sick plane
  7. The story of the blow fly girl https://imgur.com/gallery/ln2rU
  8. 101st Airborne before dropping into Normandy June 6 1944
  9. I think it is. Sure, it's "changing", the one constant with the weather is that it "changes". That doesn't mean shit.
  10. Must be why every Cuban is scrambling to get out of that dump
  11. Shottassssss wit Teddy Bruckshot 😛
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