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  1. I guess it depends how you define 'strong' lol E: Seems like they're winning../s
  2. You said it yourself. They kill more of their people and the world's opinion of them solidifies. The US doesn't have to do shit, the Iranian regime has proven they're more than capable of bringing on their own downfall.
  3. ^ Seems about right. Their comforters are just too comfy
  4. Make the evening his lolll
  5. This was a thing in the 06 to 09 rap scene too
  6. Oh of course it was. Legally speaking though they're well within their rights to leave a bike unattended on their property, record the entire episode and chase the thieves off. If they can show they feared for their safety while doing so the bat is also justified.
  7. Not on them to have to bring their bike inside because people suck. This would not hold up in court
  8. All of that is rather circumstantial. Maybe they just live in a bad neighborhood and haven't gotten around to buying a bike lock yet? I mean, I get it, its obvious but you cant prove premeditation based on that alone. Had they bragged about it on social media or something sure
  9. You can’t prove premeditation on this. Unless I’m missing something?
  10. Kults

    Pet peeves

    People saying 'like' 6x in a sentence
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