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Everything posted by Kults

  1. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Yet the libs will try to find a way. Cause, you know... orange man bad
  2. Spotted on r/Canada E: In response to this
  3. Yeehaw? https://www.al.com/news/montgomery/2020/01/2-alabama-women-found-with-gallons-of-date-rape-drug-during-georgia-traffic-stop.html
  4. Then why does everything I buy still have made in China stamped on it?
  5. In know the look. Plenty of those guys around here too
  6. That Goop company name makes so much more sense now. That’s what she calls her discharge, might as well commodify that shit and make candles out of it
  7. All the while pissing whatever future your nation had away; priceless
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