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  1. i’m really surprised that brands making a comeback makes me think of true religion. the early aughts when everyone’s jeans had to have some embroidered design or logo on the pockets
  2. i’m on ep 3. started off really good but now they’re going into her life story and i’m getting bored. why do crime docs always gotta do this shit. i’m there for the crime stuff not for the author/researcher and frankly in this case, she kinda gets on nerves
  3. Doesn't do anything for Trumps innocence since he had to have been there to even know what was going on but seems he called it out prior to the whole thing being blown wide open
  4. Kults


    Map names leaked @KILZ FILLZ @where Red Door alpha data mine SPOILERS Campaign Maps Here’s the list of campaign missions: K.G.B. (Russia) Siege (Russia) Yamantau (Russia) Takedown (Side Mission) Tundra (Side Mission) Hub (Germany) Hub 8 (Germany) Stakeout (Germany) Armada (Vietnam) Prisoner (Vietnam) Revolucion (Nicaragua) Amerika (Russia) Duga (Russia) MP maps Black Sea Cartel K.G.B. Miami Moscow Satellite Tank Tundra
  5. Kults


    they’re out already 😉 check your DMs
  6. Kults


    I like these 990 V5s @glorydays
  7. I remember that VHS box cover, never seen the movie though
  8. Kults


    it’s just an alpha being used by external or WFH QA testers. us plebs can’t access it but it was in the store out in the open
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