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  1. Do whatever you want, just don’t whine about censorship when you post spam.
  2. Na. It was spam. You posted one image of some wonky wood carving. Use words.
  3. He had posted spam. Not censorship. Just maybe keep the nonsense out of a serious thread.
  4. The stores themselves look clean and slick though, I like their setup. The packaging is cool too.
  5. As some of you most likely know, Canada legalized weed a few weeks back. After 2 weeks the stores are out of stock and closed down. A+ roll out like most things government related. More interestingly, some friends braved the hour long line ups to pick some up and let me know the price scheme. 10$+ a gram alll the way up or much more depending on what strain you get. Oz for $280?! You'd have to be put of your mind or pissing money to spend that much imo. I pay $80 an oz now, admittedly that's super cheap and it took me years of copping to work my way up the chain, now I just buy it off the the guy who grows it directly. Still though, blk mkt around here is 150$ an OZ for really strong stuff. Are there that many suckers out there that the Gov. can move 280$ ounces and run out of stock in 2 weeks?! I have noticed plenty of people who were not smokers all of a sudden took it up now that its legal and 'easily' available, whats up with that? It was always semi legal here, what kept them from smoking before? Maybe it could be the novelty of it, time will tell. I still think its weird. If they made smack legal tomorrow I wouldn't line up for a hit. What do you guys think? How is weed treated where you live, still semi legal or maybe even catch a case if you're caught with too much? Now we're hoping to be the Amsterdam of NA. Let's see how that goes. https://www.canadahightours.com/montreal I thought this was funny, the logo they chose for the Quebec Cannabis Club looks like an asshole
  6. “We had a woman in New York City mistakenly toss her diamond ring into the trash. She then paid to have one of the massive barges that took waste from Manhattan to Fresh Kills landfill pulled out of service so the garbage collectors could dig through the thousands of tons of trash until they found it. Thankfully, they did!” —Kelly Sarber, President & CEO of Strategic Management Group" Hah! Nasty job
  7. https://www.rd.com/culture/craziest-things-garbage-collectors-found-trash/
  8. Kults


    Not sure its on Android, I have it on Iphone but I play Streets of Rage 1-2 almost daily on my commute. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/streets-of-rage-2-classic/id425567844?mt=8
  9. There's certainly a lot to unpack here. I believe and agree with you on the demonizing of others who don't hold similar beliefs. There was a time when it was all about culture and that's what made people gravitate towards certain ideologies. Nowadays it seem we've thrown that to the wayside and def play more of a team sport angle. The biggest disappointment for me is the death of all things civil and not belittling the other for not sharing our specific stance on some pretty broad issues. What ever happened to nuance and critical thought I have no idea. The rise of social media did not help that's for sure. Everything has to be broken down into these re-tweetable blurbs and streams of unchecked ID. Hardly anyone even takes the time to formulate coherent and comprehensive personal opinions on issues anymore, much easier to tow the ideological line and repeat talking points ad nauseam. We're all guilty of this on some level, sign of the times I guess. Sometimes progress isn't always for the best and in this particular time I think a little regression and pumping the breaks on all things new could be wise. That could also just be my own age talking, that's how I see it though. As bad and as polarized to the extremes as the political parties have gotten, I think the media hold the lion's share of the blame in stoking the fires of division. It comes down to the money though. Of course some influential players are pulling strings, that much is blatantly obvious to anyone who can read past the headlines but I also think its the MONEY involved. Either sides play to their most rabid base for that lucrative ad revenue and in the process create the manufactured narrative for the more passive to latch onto to. I miss the days of center left/right. There just isn't a viable option for self declared moderates anymore. Everything has become binary in the extreme, that's never good, in politics or otherwise. I play my part in all that too, sometimes its easier to dismiss with a wave of the hand when really, some of it resonates but the overall point is just not something you can get behind. Trump played off of all this brilliantly. Ya, the guys a grade A DOUCHE. He played the field like a master chess player though. For decades the wishes and well being of the middle class were dismissed by both sides. It's all about class and nothing to do with race. Trump saw this and basically Hi Jacked the GOP to tow that 'everyman' line, to great success. I don't think even his most ardent supporters back everything he says, though they love that he sticks it to the establishment. This was a wake up call. Ruling class needs to Listen to what people want and not ignore them or they WILL vote in a vile reality star purely out of disenfranchised spite. Lastly, Supreme goofed on this one. Its not a big deal, I still love the brand, you wont ever catch me burning shit I bought with hard earned money cause some design director decided to score a few points in his downtown circle. The irony of course is that this move is anything BUT counter culture, way to play yourselves Supreme. It puts chinks in their otherwise uber cool armor but they still have a lot of that capital to burn, if anyone could get away with it, its them.
  10. ^ Someone posted that one a page back. Still good, here take your props
  11. Scarf, not unless it was Burberry or something and even then put it through 3x dry cleaners. The dishwasher hell na, that shit is probably busted and I wouldn't have the room for it anyway
  12. Kults


    Kinda. I see what ya mean. Personally I think theyre much nicer than wave runners tho
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