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  1. She can pick my cumshot out of her braces
  2. Dont you just hate it when that happens
  3. I wont go into further details as it was in PMs and you have a right to some privacy. You aired mine I responded in kind. Yes i can absolutely laugh at myself, as evidenced in the many self deprecating things I post. This isnt that. Im not here to try to convince any of you of anything. If you want to go down that rabbit hole by all means i can giveyou a few pointers on where to start but thats about the extent of my involvement.
  4. Can you read? Did I mention his murder or having evidence of it? That quote is referencing the people tied to the scandal( hence Raven's posting the QT pic on the Lolita express), or is context and the post Im responding to directly lost on you? Bad faith or not too bright. Either way.. Not sure why Im even bothering with you at this point
  5. Round n round we go. Hit me when you've found the quote of me saying I have evidence of his murder and wont share it.
  6. Sure, move the goal posts again. You're pretty good at it. So where did I claim to have evidence of his murder again...?
  7. More trash. You stated: Then quote me saying: Where did I say I had "evidence" to prove he was murdered but refused to share it. Dude... gimmy a fkn break lol try harder
  8. Quote where I explicitly stated this. Im waiting Sainty.. plz dont dodge this one
  9. Do you see me being defensive? I really don’t care. Believe whatever you want I’m more than ok with that. Start throwing insults I’ll just do the same. And dude.. you really wanna go there? You reached out cause some guy was posting ahead of you in the metalheads thread. Insecure much?
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