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  1. ^ Also worth noting its the only Horror movie that's given me shivers in years.
  2. Kults

    North Faces

    Im not into box logos on tees and hoodies just cause I feel those are the pieces that casuals buy to try to be a 'part of the club' so to speak. That being said Im not against them on other items if they're subtle
  3. Kults

    North Faces

    Ya im feeling that one too. I might be a taker depending on when it drops.
  4. 8.5/10. Highly recommend it. This gen's Exorcist is pushing it a bit but it was very good. A24 is the new MIRAMAX, change my mind.
  5. Kults

    North Faces

    Its not like they dont use GORETEX in other jackets, how weird From this season
  6. Kults

    North Faces

    Oh fr? I didn’t know that. You’ve got a point. I preferred the fall leaves camo one in that drop, the orange is heavy though.
  7. I don't even talk about it in public anymore. The reasonable people left the room awhile ago.
  8. Kults

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Not a fan of either of em but its nice that someone finally pulled Eminems card. This beat is it
  9. Kults


    The Gatos arrived. They don't fit, too small. Looks like its gonna be a flip, bummer. If anyone else goes for 'em in the future I'd recommend getting half a size up, they're super narrow.
  10. I like their cuts, I own about 4 pairs. The 512 Slim Tapers are just amazing. Its also nice to be able to buy em off the rack in the right length, hems never look right. What a clown move though. Shit on your bread and butter customers, pathetic.
  11. https://moneyandmarkets.com/levis-gun-control/ Levis now... When does it end
  12. Our GDP has tanked so hard Mexico now rivals our output... But hurray for environmentalism and equality among the 56 genders amiright? #Progress
  13. Social democracy.. it's depressing just thinking about it.
  14. Ya I even have a Polygamist Mormon aunt! The real deal Utah I envy you guys, I hate Canada.
  15. Kults

    North Faces

    Hmm wonder where they got that idea.. FW17
  16. Will take you up on that sometime. My grandparents and half my family live out in Utah but we don’t speak often, I don’t want to bother them with all that. As far as the pants go I’d buy em instantly if finances permitted me to. I have no doubt they’re worth the asking price, I just can’t afford it.
  17. Looked em up..279$? for pants? Out of my price range unfortunately. They look great though, love em. Are those kneepads removable? In CAN thats like 366$ plus shipping, plus customs...I hate Canada. All said and done it would be close to 5 Bills. Looks like its 60$ carhartts for me
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