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  1. I know you are but what am I...? Really? Its a mystery why I’m avoiding discussing this with you..
  2. So on brand of you lol know better than to try with you again on this
  3. Because it’s become almost comically obvious there’s more to these deaths.
  4. Ask KILLZ about what article he saw concerning others. I think Spacey and others involved likely had something to do with it but of course there’s no smoking gun. Just another random death weeks before a big pedo case. If you’re happy to just assume it’s all coincidence once again, you’re more than free to, not trying to convince anyone otherwise.
  5. Correct. Don’t think anyone knows and the attorney isn’t saying
  6. Seems so but again, must just be circumstances and general ineptitude or neglect, nothing to see here, keep it moving
  7. Damn he really nailed you. Glad you guys are ok
  8. ... but thanks for paying for my healthcare. *Laughs in Canadian
  9. Said absolutely no one except maybe a few regulars in this thread.... 🏃‍♀️
  10. Khaled shouts "and anotha one" https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/kevin-spacey-accuser-dies-midst-sexual-assault-lawsuit-1240716 Now, just a month after the parties came to a plan for proceeding in the suit that detailed prospective discovery and envisioned a seven- to 11-day trial, the plaintiff's attorney has informed Spacey that the client "recently passed."
  11. Kults


    That air bubble looks painted on LOL
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