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  1. Thats the crux of it ^


    But mention that and you get hit with " WHATABOUTISM!!! Well what, just cause the biggest polluters aren't doing shit we should just do nothing?!"


    Its just a new racket propped up by feeding into the virtue signaling that's become so prevalent these last few years.



  2. 45 minutes ago, Fist 666 said:

    My fetishization of the eames' work is real. Most of my home is furnished with mcm  things, but forever on the hunt for an eames chair from someone who doesn't know what it's worth... 

    I had a knock off of the one on the left. Great looking piece. It got trashed in a move years back RIP it was already kinda falling apart anyway so no huge loss but I liked it

  3. 5 hours ago, Mercer said:



    OK Boomer tech from 1964. Imagine commuting NY to LA in about an hour averaging 2,092.294 mph in this all titanium bad boy. You could gain a couple of hours on the earths rotation. Imagine busting a mach 69 in the back seat with an Air Force slut before blasting through the mile high club 85,069 feet up.

    I had the GI Joe model... lol


    Sick plane

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