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  1. Rattin people out=bitch move. How bout you let people live their life the way they want and stay out of their buisnass.
  2. www.newgrounds.com -The best
  3. Iceburg-seriously im trying to get my shit together thats why i have a bazillion posts and im on all the time... I know hwere your comin from on that...Im a complete nerd now, i jsut do homework and sit on 12 oz way more than I'd like too, but its all because i gotta fix my life because i fucked it up too bad before. Hell, me and my girlfriend just moved to O.C. cause i couldn't get my shit together around my old friends...I love em, but i do stupid shit that i know i shouldn't be doin when im with em... Iceburg, you get my vote as coolest person ive never met or seen...for what that's worth :) Bodice- Your gonna have to make a decision sometime, sulking over not getting accepted is not going to pay any bills. So either keep tryin and tryin or your gonna have to do somethin you don't like. It sucks, but thats the way things work.
  4. Anyone goin to the anticon show next week at the knitting factory?
  5. "Zack Morris- I just now went to put an application of lotion on it and I noticed I have a nice rash on my chest. I am thinking its from teh a&d from my bandage but I am not sure. Anyone here have experience in what to do? " It's probally just yer lotion, try a differant brand
  6. I currently sittin down with a gin n juice, a bowl of dirt weed, and a dirty lil secret i like to call 12oz.
  7. Don't be picky... ...just a quick e!http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/741/3420'>
  8. Why choose? I scrape pipes and down grapefruit n gin like they're water.
  9. pic of the day... webcam of the day!?!?! How can you guys forget www.gregpix.com ...the best!
  10. analysis No one can psychoanalyze anyone else on this message board, cause no one really know the person at the other end at all. That's why people get off on the whole internet thing so much...its a fictitious personality that you have control over. It's like a pet that you can alter. A person who may rip into every person for any little thing may in reality by the nicest person in the real world. No one really knows the people behind the screen names, and its stupid to think you can really figure someone out from the 2 posts a day on the 12oz. prophet message board. BIOTCH!...maybe ill be a hick tomorrow...
  11. R.I.P. 2 weeks before everyone started bickering over bullshit...o, well...it was nice while it lasted.
  12. Simpsons That's a shame... that show shouldve been canceled years ago. Once the best show on earth (and im a complete simpsons nut..all episodes taped untill about 2 years ago) is now so pathetic to watch, i dont even bother. It's sad to see how bad it's gettin...almost embarassing. Now family guy being canceled, that's something people should be pissed about.
  13. paradiseXcity


    Toky-ho "*knuckle crack* guess we'll have to show these cats what's up w/ the etch bath." ...and people wonder why we have airline jets being flown into our national monuments.
  14. im sure there's a million plus people on this board that can help you with underground hip hop, so ill just say check out living legends, anacron or the cuf if you already haven't. On a side note, anyone here dig some comercial as well as underground? Any ludacris fans? if so, you have to check out the 4 ize and ludacris freestyle (I think its form his first album)...i got that shit off kazaa a day ago, its like im hearing snoop for the first time again...dope w.out an antidote.
  15. I think it's either CKY, or CKY2 where they have the short part at the very end where they show telly filming his new movie...of course i guess it wouldn't be too new now a days... "my bitches got mad flava yo"
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