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  1. um no? Europeans do not burn US writers on freights. thats just absurd. people transit... yes on a lighter note. FUME! and on another note, i cant stand those cargo tent looking things.
  2. as i always say be careful what you do out there bro the internet THAT SHITS FOREVER HOMIE YOU TUBE THAT SHITS FOREVER YOUR KIDS KID WILL BE SEEING THAT SHIT THEYRE GOING TO NAME YOUR KIDS AFTER YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO that aint cool man internet= ruin your life history
  3. ok youre 20 learn how to make money learn how to pull hoes hang out in front of highschools when they get out pull hoes make money sell drugs after that, do lots of graffiti then go back to step one continue till u start getting crossed out then head to step 3 except now you just dont even care about it after youre done with that make a video, you tube there you go now youre 24 and youre blowing up
  4. dead lift is the one, if you could find a GHD machine you can do back extensions on that it will help your back immensely, but dont forget to do abs or you'll have your lower back muscles pulling down on ya haha and vice versa. todays workout run 500 mtrs row 500 mtrs 50 double unders run 400 row 400 40 300 300 30 200 200 20 100 100 10 21:01 not a bad time considering i didnt get enough sleep was tired as shit and had a pan con bistek a few hours prior. i was for sure thinking i was going to yack
  5. damn i thought a 5k was crazy haha, i myself cannot see me doing a 26 mile run, even if zombies where after me. id find the next bike and ride haha
  6. todays workout warmup 14 burpee 20 pushup 20 airsquat 600 meter row for time (forgot my time) then “Mary” 5 Headstand pushups 10 1 leg squats 15 Kipping pullups 20 minutes got seven rounds plus 10 pullups
  7. am i really the only person who has no idea who this skinny white bitch with no tits is? AM I REALLY OUT OF THE LOOP THAT BAD? question... DO I WANT TO BE BACK IN THE LOOP? probably not
  8. all these bitches look like the bitches that walk around in front of the store all day
  9. about to pack a bowl, just finished eating a sandwich for breakfast listening to sonic youth. about to head to work.
  10. hey word to the wise, the cookies and cream milkshake at fat burger makes you fart nasty.. todays workout 12 burpees 25 double unders dead lift 125x5 165x5 195x5 then amrap 10 mins 5 thrusters 7 hang power cleans 10 sumo deadlift high pulls 80# i got 4 rounds plus 5 thrusters and 2 cleans
  11. i have never tried yoga, and for some reason when i see yoga classes its almost always old people. maybe the gym ones are better. todays workout 100 pullups pushups situps squats 39:25 a little slow, long day.
  12. yeah i guess if you have the room rings are good, you can get a nice range of motion by adjusting the heights and also do dips on em. basement gym sounds nice. all my shits tucked in the corner with the bikes.
  13. homie do not buy an exercise bike. either buy a real bike, or run outside. running outside will get your cardio and metabolism up way higher than any treadmill exercise bike you can buy. all you need at home is a bench, which you can incline and decline with that special part that allows you to do leg lifts etc etc and a pull up bar. rings? unless you're going to be doing muscle ups i wouldnt buy rings, id invest in a strong bar to do pullups on, just a regular metal bar you can anchor to something. id get a speed rope, to do jump rope with and practice to get down double unders. so bench metal bar and speed rope should run you something around 300$ with the weights. i think 200 pounds worth. you might also want to get a 45 pound bar and not the little tiny ones that come with the bench. and maybe another bar to do preacher curls with. this is me assuming you're going to be doing traditional free weight exercises
  14. shit you fools still at this thread? since i started this thing ive fucked up both wrists riped muscle on 2 ribs both on each side slipped a disc and pinched a nerve. i dont do free weights anymore i havent done them since 2008 ish no i just crossfit, been doing that shit for a while now my maxs arent very high since i keep hurting myself every time i peak deadlift 245 bench 205 squat 275 press 125 push press 175 push jerk 200 i cant take supplements or proteins they all make me fart way to much, my car already smells like swamp. since my last injury tho ive been taking it real light, im almost 30 and shits getting really real. so i just been conditioning real hard. i eat mostly a paleo based diet, but not strict im a small dude 5'7 145 pounds been trying to gain since last month. eating like a beast but nothing...
  15. what do u mean, un employment? yo this fool smoked crack and shot heroin. heres my advice get back to teh states. go all nation and become the next revok. and then write a book about your life nad include the crack. after that you get interviews in mags, link up with some subcultures like punk and skate shit and start making gear. then once you landed in that department you can start networking to japan, and have your own womens panties you can sell out of a soda machine. SWEET
  16. bb- if i ever see you again im straight kicking you in the nuts
  17. 1. go do a hard spot or something challenging 2. go for a run or get into something physical 3. go out with friends 4. take chances and talk to any girl you want 5. stick your dick in the mashed potatoes 6. repeat cycle
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