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  1. Ups on this thread.. Sickle Gum Gnes Srek Kepto
  2. OPIUM3


    Ups to PA crew. They've been doin it like this for years.... good pics SW
  3. http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'>http://www.conopium.com/misc/avatar.jpg'> http://www.conopium.com/misc/deaddog.jpg'> http://www.conopium.com/misc/gangster.jpg'> http://www.conopium.com/misc/husky.jpg'> http://www.conopium.com/misc/norris.jpg'>
  4. michael bolton is inferior to my shit. (my peanuts have high standards)
  5. yeah, I just downloaded that one the other night off of Kazaa. Its a fuckin hilarious one! Homer: "Ow, Ow, Ow, I hate getting stitches in my eyes! Stupid Crows..." Dr Hibbert: "Don't be mad at the crows homer, they weren't trying to blind you they were just trying to drink your sweet sweet eye juices."
  6. "going cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds"
  7. you do need to get punched in the fucking neck for that. What more of an invitation do you want. Next time R.S.V.P. all over that ass! Lesson learned... take time out, and breathe heavy all over a female individual. If all else fails, low self esteem with 215 (lbs).
  8. to be quite honest, I don't think you could sing a song period if your mouth is disconnected from your face due to the awesome power of the big bore rifle. By the time you got around to figuring out a tune to change to, it would probably be too late.
  9. Yeah, I don't recall what I raced that night exactly. I remember some family car looking things. There were alot of fast cars that night though. One of the fastest was a civic running in the low low 12's knockin on the 11 sec door that was boosted. Another civic in the mid 13's all night boosted. And I finally saw ONE VW at the drags. It was doing poorly at the 16 second barrier. It was a golf. It costs $10 to watch and an extra $5 to race. I didn't know until the other night, but they also rent slicks out there. Its like $35 for one run and $50 for two runs. I think i'm going to bring some extra money sometime just to see if its worth getting slicks. I'm pretty sure it will be, but i'm still not sure if my current drivetrain setup can handle the shock of slicks.
  10. Yeah, thats how I feel about my car. Dippin on people that have paid twice as much. As far as I know, that kid that smoked the S2000 is just in experimental phase with that car I guess. I guess everything he learns on that ride, he puts onto another one just like it. The motor in that thing is a CA18DET. 1.8liters of fun fun fun. The pull on that dyno sheet was made in 4th gear. However I've never met the kid considering he and I are on opposite ends of the country. But he's from another forum I belong to. And it was funny the other night. I pull up to the staging lines at the track, and sitting right next to me was some kid that I keep beating the hell out of on the street in his Focus ZX3, and Supercharged GTP Pontiac Grand AM. It was funny to see his face when he thought I might rip him up at the track. Luckily for him he didn't race me. Unfortunately, I realized how crappy my driving/launching skills have gotten as I didn't even break into the 13's again. My mph was high every time for my times, so I know I got the power, its just the launching that kills me. Guess it's time for some slicks for me, and I'll be in the 13's all night. If anyones interested, this is how my night went at the legal drags. first run second run Second run was alot better than the first because I bogged HARD on the first run. I guess my 175-70R-13 tires aren't doing me any good anymore!
  11. yeah TEARZ, I never took offense to what you were saying. I just thought I'd elaborate a little more as to why I always ask, and talk about the 1/4 mile. If I had any money for suspension, I would be all about how the car could perform on the twisties, but since I don't, its all about the 1/4 for me. I used to have a civic, (yeah i know just another civic), that pulled great cornerning speeds, but it wasn't fast at all. But once it got up there, I could out perform tons of other cars once the momentum was up and rolling. I'm a huge fan of anything that goes fast, in any way shape or form. Check out this 1990 nissan sentra's dyno sheet. This is the old school version of the sentra. Basically a flying brick. You can see a vid of it here whooping an s2000's ass. Watch as it takes off a couple gears later like a bat out of hell. I've been talkin to this kid alot on another forum. Says that burn out in the beginning was for the camera, to show off. p.s. the vid is being taken inside the S2000 if you couldn't hear the VTEC in the opening of the clip.
  12. thats a no brainer if I ever heard one ... VR6 with a T3/T04E. That kid would rock the house with that ish going on.
  13. implied sarcasm I make my kids run home from rugby practice. They can whoop any soccer kids ass! Soccer is a sport for people to cry. Rugby makes men out of boys.
  14. Nice to hear about sub 10 sec VW's. I would love to see some sometime. Hopefully I will see some at the track this coming track session. But its highly unlikely. The majority of cars there are of course honda, then mitsubishi, then dodge neons, then saturns (believe it or not), and then nissans. I seriously have never seen one at the track. I must be going at the wrong times or something because tons of people drive vw's around my parts. Unfortunately, most of the vw's are those beetle things. I hate those with a passion. They are only good for playing, "slug bug" on road trips. And basically the only reason I talk about the 1/4 mile all the time, is because its a good way to judge a cars performance, and my car can only go in a straight line fast. My suspension set up is crap for cornering, so I unfortunately, "live life a 1/4 mile at a time". God I hate that movie. I can't belive they are seriously considering making a second one. That movie needs to die more than VW Beetles!
  15. Now this I did not know. Learn something new everyday
  16. there is no such thing as a jdm B18C5. JDM motors don't have numbers after the last letter. So they only have Type R B18C's. Yeah, the only thing they got going for them really is that damn AWD. I raced one on the freeway about a month ago with at least an exhaust, and I dipped on him almost as fast as I dipped on the prelude that was tryin to keep up. After you got traction, the AWD doesn't help you that much if you got the power and weight ratio on your side. Wish that some of you VW kids could come over to my neck of the woods. I've never seen a fast one. Not saying that they aren't fast, it's just that I've only seen them on race vids from the net, and hearing you kids talk about them all the time. But i'm sure the same goes for hearing about a fast nissan from me. I don't care what label it has on it, just as long as it goes fast! No discrimination from me..
  17. It could fetch anywhere from $300-$700 depending on its condition, mileage, etc. B18B motors are good for turboing.
  18. Stage II: Turbonetics Turbocharger Performance T3, Blow-Off Valve GReddy Type S. That is some nice stuff in that kit if I do say so myself. The only thing that would be better in my opinion is a HKS super Sequential BOV, like I have. I heard the Type S the other day at Dyno day, and I thought it was cool, but it lacked something. But its all subjective anywho. You can hear the HKS SS BOV in the beginning of this Supra Video. Its the very opening supra... Its soo great. My car sounds exactly like that minus 2 cylinders... (go figure).
  19. Please tell me no one is buying a turbo kit for a beetle!?! Please god.. that car needs to die. Its so flaming, it hurts. And yes, the T3/T04 is one great turbo... if only I had the $. Do you have a T3/ T04 fr8o?
  20. Well the transmisson that i have is from an NX2000, and it comes with stock VLSD. So I'm good there. As for a turbo upgrade, I dont see one in the near future. It would be nice, but... I don't exactly have the ends for that kind of thing. If I was to get a new turbo, it would definently be the T3/T04E. That is one sick ass turbo. But getting that turbo, would require me to get a new manifold and external wastegate. Thats some serious ends right there. http://www.conopium.com/misc/turbo+manifold.jpg'> no, my engine is perfectly fine. If you check back on my dyno sheet that I posted, you can see that I have some pretty smooth hp and torque curves. After I got a cooler spark in my spark plugs, I don't have to worry anymore. I can boost to 10 or 14 psi still, just not without added fuel to the mixture. I was having a greedy time, and risked everything by boosting into very lean. Now, I realize my stupidity, and won't be doing that again until fuel is upgraded. So for all you kiddies out there that have a turbo, supercharger, or nitrous, make sure you choose cool spark plugs. Other wise the plugs go boooooom!
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