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  1. What? Yo Shore, stay on your meds son, learn how to complete a sentence, and stop "trying" to be some internet thug. Making a fake screen name to jock me somemore, did your other account get banned.. Your a fan and I would love to see you. So keep telling yourself otherwise. Didnt your crew already tell you to stop being a internet bitch, I'd listen to them if I were you...
  2. Hahaha, Shore your still thinking about me!! bumping threads that I'm posted in, and continuing to verify how much of a pussy you are.. =) Too funny... Goodnight, cupcake..
  3. Wow, Shore.. Your still on here talking shit about me. And for what reason? I dont even think you know, because I sure dont.. But you do know something, and so does everyone else. That your a bipolar schizophrenic piece of shit thats not going to do shit to me but talk shit on the internet. Grow up pussy, get a life, stop thinking about me, or bring it to my face. Point blank! I dont have time for your online games so keep making up lies on the internet and spreading my name.. Your playing yourself, and you know it.. So do your crews and so called friends =]. Sweet dreams pussy...
  4. still thinking about me Shore, thats sweet of you.. your my biggest fan.. muah, pussy...
  5. hahaha.. who cares what you know and also all that shit your yapping about is all figments of your imagination.. damn your pussy must be hurting over something i did to you.. again, man up, tell us all who you are and take those pills you forget to take this morning.. someone pm me this idiots info. what a waste of a thread and my time..
  6. Thank you! You should see the PM's. Highly delusional... If anyone has info on this snitch PM me.
  7. Who ever caught what this pussy wrote before it was edited PM me. "kill m** t** and then meet me on w****** st., same place as last time on the 12th of may, 2012"
  8. Hahaha. This idiot needs some mental help... I got something for him tho if he ever gets off the internet, believe that..
  9. wow, i have a cry baby stalker that to my knowledge ive never met nor knew i had beef with till i read a cuple threads. next time you see me why dont you grow some balls and say something to me instead of crying on the interest about me.. haha, what a psycho little pussy you are.. get a life and quit riding my dick..
  10. eh, i thought i saw a photo a couple months ago of another spray paint company that made one. maybe it was homemade. I want to say it was a photo of revok or someone in MSK. but oh well i think the belton one will work good enough. thanks for the links..
  11. I have a mural to paint for a client where I'll have to be on a ladder the whole time and instead of going up and down the ladder the whole time I figured I'd invest in one of these... http://shop.molotow.com/en/Equipment/Utilities/Molotow-can-belt-6-pockets.html I thought there was anthoer company that made one that was more like a vest. Has anyone seen this or any other type of product like this? Hit me with a link or a name. Thanks.
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