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  1. overall nice post . that hevens quite nice
  2. the "T" in the debt is saying "WHAT NIGGA!"
  3. the proof is in the pudding .. and the kool aids on the table .. that Vault is doper than soap on a rope.
  4. salt and vinegar .... winterfresh gum .. in that order . anything else would be inhumane...
  5. yeah chino xl is bananas. he's pretty relentless..but hands down one of my favorites for a minute is del , he never ceases to amaze me. s u p a feeeen s u p a feeeeen..
  6. even jesus was killed by the polices' - the late great you just cant hate big pun
  7. my problem wasn't police or bulls it was actually trying to find a car to paint.
  8. the first Apart tropicana is the illness and Next's simples are always really nice.
  9. nice post. good stuff all around but Diego is running down the street eating cake.
  10. I wouldnt be suprised if Nise was a journalism major. Thanks bro for lifting the curtain in front of my eyes. These are a few of my favorite things: - american rock and roll( Idolizing the boss) - eating 1 1/2 foot slices at Benny Tudino's in Hoboken, NJ after driving 3 hours "spot hunting" - sporting my paint speckled jeans like it was a trend (not caring what anyone might think) - Grasshoppers at night - going to Dunkin Donuts after Bennys just for a orange-mango coolatta - Tow Up said it proper "Feeling like no matter what happens, you'll always have your best friend by your side." (I read your post twice cause I felt like smiling more than once) - knowing more than anyone how precious life is........................... Rip Nace - living everday like its my last ( from today on) - watching the goonies - looking forward to blizzard-like conditions this winter - Adidas superstars - talking to abuela (grandma)in the morning over coffee ( doesn't happen much lately) - playing hide and seek with my 4 year old brother(He's my heart) - landscaping around the house - washing the car with the stereo in the garage spinning deltron 3030 - taking flicks - stealing - road trips with the family - the holidays - and if you haven't noticed 80's cinema peace
  11. In order of operation: Cuba has the most beatiful beaches in the world, and i could take flicks of the corroding 18th century spanish architecture all day every day... Cape cod/Nantucket.. when i wanna' front like im John Kennedy.. Miami(South Beach)... when i wanna' get Wild on E!... i haven't been to as nearly as many places as Carmen Sandiego but i keep these places in heavy rotation..
  12. Group Home "livin proof" Del/A Plus "stay on your toes" Mobb Deep "shook ones" Big Pun/M.O.P "New York Giants" Bjork "theres more to life than this"
  13. "have you ever,ever,ever in your long NIGGA life, had a bald headed bitch for a bald headed wife"... long legged?!? i dont think the dirty ones smokin THAT much crack ..then againnn.....
  14. Newark,NJ Heat Index:108* Grandma's fuckin' frying eggs on the fire escape..
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