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  1. hella nice shit dude... you like fight club huh?
  2. oh my mother fucking cock raping daughter stealing oatmeal eating beer drinking crack smoking god that is fucking amAAAzing!
  3. i listen to everything. my 3 favorite bands are radio head, the bestie boys, and deftones. any kind of music you listen to i have at least one cd of it. everything from the meters to union underground. thats so fucking rasist giveng white people shit for liking rap. what the fuck its just a kind of music its not like anyone owns it. why cant we all just get along? black or white, its good when anyone supports a type of music. i think refusing to do something or not lking something becasue its cool, is just as bad as riding cockatils and doing it just becasue its cool.
  4. nice shit... ive only seen like 2 of those up here in bellevue. smrk does alot of that.
  5. why didnt you finish it intead of leaving
  6. they say the bombs are more likely due to cival wars going on in afghanistan. its not us i think.
  7. rey5? on the tlok? what the fuck is that shit
  8. Ammo

    drowning pool

    fuck music. the only good music is at the drive in and radio head. fuck everything else
  9. Ammo


    i have so much to say about this, im not even gunna say it
  10. heres some... i didnt find them you guys did.... http://www.geocities.com/asianprince213/ http://firstworld.net/~smcdonal/trailerpark.html http://www.capalert.com/capreports/index.htm
  11. close it if you want, but post more of those sites here like the asian prince and shit,.... that shit just makes my day
  12. that m on the last one is sooo sick *chomp chomp* peeps espos book for more comet
  13. Ammo

    heart of gold

    is that oze in NY? shit i didnt know that he was doing shit in new youk. hes from seattle i think... says kyt
  14. Ammo


    damn i got some work to do.. ive never even considered scaming shit.... just the mcdonals free soda thing but eveny one does that lol [This message has been edited by Ammo (edited 09-03-2001).]
  15. dude the funniest shit happend to me a couple years ago... so im 6th grade right, after school at mcdonalds. i walk with my freind who i was writing with back then, and he opens this bottle of dr pepper. it sprays all over him, and these dude happen to be driving by, and start laughig. so i say "thats what i said". this dude in the back starts flipping me off. so 2 dudes get out and start folling us, while the other waits in the car. they get in front of me and corner me. this dudes like yeah you were acting all tought back therem you arent so big now huh? im like hey man i idndt say anything and he just keeps talking.. you dont even know who i am, kiss my feet kiss my feet and he starts pushing my head down and like dont fucking touch me and so i push past and herses the funny part... this dude whos like 2 feet taller me, punches me in the face AND RUNS AWAY AND GETS IN HIS CAR!!!! what a fucking pussy!!! a cop happned to be driving by right then, and guess what he did? nothing, of course that faggot. sorry im alittle drunk ask me to retye it later if you want
  16. lol you guys are funny. all i do is get water cups at mcdonalds and fill them up with soda.. does that count? ive never really thought of stealing from resturants
  17. dude i know that guy..... he broke into my house one night and started screaming and tryed to rape my dog. wait. i dont have a dog. uh oh
  18. ahhh i feel bad i know the name but i cant picture him, and you dont get girl videos around here. i think i might have heard.. did someone post a link to web site about this?
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