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  1. Ammo

    ryme flic,......

    why cant we all just get along? the red and pink one is awsome. god i hate that word. "AWSOME"
  2. all very nice especialy that muse
  3. oh god no please tell me he doesnt have one of those rat tail hair things
  4. ill be the guy who eats MORE hot sauce packets than taco bell bomber
  5. woops my bad seeking posted while i was typing this.. sorry i agree. why is it that murder and brutal killing, pretty unnataral things, are ok, but pictures of that naked human body, the most fuckin natural thing ever, are considered disgusing. but about your question, its because of the regulations about what you can put on the net. like seeking says, 12 oz could get in alot of trouble
  6. i was gunna keep my gross ones to my self, but nah. i dont have a flix, but there was this one big black album where when you looked at it in the record store, it had a black over over it, like they put on porno. underneath was a pic of some dudes head that got sliced in half with an ax. on the other side you had this doctor holding the 2 sides together. sick
  7. yes indeed deprsion can be a misused word. depresion is a medical condition. but, a more misused word is love. haha how ironic that one missused word could cause you to become another missuesd word. in the end, you realize no on really knows what they are doing
  8. Ammo

    taliban comics

    skillionares... damn funny, and to make it even better, it has nothing to do with the original topic!
  9. now, i didnt read anything but this one reply, so if i dont know what im talking about, correct me. but if he said that he hadent like painted at all, or had painted very little, i think thats a damn good idea. you know why people hate graff so much? cuz they think its ugly. you know why they think its ugly? cuz half the fuckin writers out there suck, and then they go bust some ugly fuckin tag or paint an ugly fuckin peice or something....and gafffiti is just automaticly catigorized as ugly. if peeps waited till they had this whole graff thing down before they painted, we'd be less hated. thank you
  10. hmm theres only 2 or 3 that i like... good post though
  11. hmm theres only 2 or 3 that i like
  12. Ammo


    [quote----------- fuck ammo, i got nukes. [/b] fuck you too
  13. i wish i had that special talent sarah has... to look really ugly, and then cover up my left eye and look fine.. wow.... dude... seym... in case you didnt know.. you are the shit....
  14. Ammo


    did seeking really slip? mabey not... who ever posted this before, didnt post that site. they just the link to the one video "aini nothing but i khai thing"
  15. niiice shit.. 1st post, second pict.. where is it
  16. damn gnes your making me have regresions here im like going back to the first grade and pissing my self over beacuse of that peice
  17. Ammo

    pleaes read

    god is one racist mother fucker
  18. Ammo

    none needed

    HAHAH oh shit how do i delete that?
  19. Ammo

    none needed

    wont let me delete it sorry peace
  20. Ammo


    nice post. top notch my lad
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