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  1. Ammo

    Tools of the trade

    woops i posted twice..my bad... whats with the cottonball tips?
  2. Ammo

    Tools of the trade

    7th group, 1st 2 markers.... what the fuck are those?
  3. that 3rd one!!!! OH MY GOD THATS CRAZY... i dont know why... thats just fuckin cool
  4. Ammo

    Glass Eaters...

    i think one day something is going to get closer to killing graff than ever. like get it cut in half. i think that thing is gunna be etch. i mean, its cool, it looks cool, its a damn good idea, but nothing is gunna heat shit up more than etch. with in like a month after peeps starting using etch around where i am, it was in the papers and everything. nothing has ever done that before. what other graff tool are they trying to fucking ban? but hey, if they have enough money to have windows in nice downtown stores, fuck em.... EAT THE RICH
  5. im sure my man tyler d. knew this, but fight club is the best movie ever. sorry i cant help with your problems... those who are drowning are generaly not good at saving others from drowing.
  6. Ammo

    skate shoes.

    i wish skating would go back to hybernation. its to fuckng huge you cant go anywhere to skate with out getting kicked it since that shits blown up. and then everyone thinks your trying to be cool by skating. fuck them woops i forgot what this topic was about.... ive got the howards from lakai, but im getting new ones soon (proabaly howard 2s or carrolls cuz mikes the shit) cuz they are all torn up and the little air bubble in the back busted and now it makes this weird wooshing sound when i walk
  7. that song was good, but i think krs sucks. word to besite boys
  8. hahah sears latex... one coat is good for the whole winter
  9. what the fuck are you talking about?
  10. aaaaalll that mode2 shit is just fucking crazy i cant belive im seeing that. everything else is really nice too
  11. *claps, drools and makes retard noises untill he spazes out and his big dorky looking glasses fall off, but are safely caught by those little strap things*
  12. Ammo

    buddah likes it

    lol oh shit my bad:rolleyes: ... i didnt know shit popped up, i downloaded this "pop up stopper" thing so i dont get that anymore.... i didnt post it to fuck you guys over with porn pop. sorry guys
  13. just pass this post on by SEEKINGS WARNING: if you want to be bombarded with a thousand pop ups, then click the link. otherwise ignore the fucking thing. -seeking AMMOS WARNING: what seeking said http://monika.eclit.com/st030_37.jpg this just seemed funny at the time... can you find buddah in that picture (see how nice i was, i didnt even close it :D ) (see if i the point was really to have windows pop up, i could just delete seekings warning and have like 20 more people click it, but i wont -ammo)
  14. Ammo

    Tater tots

    i dont get the first one. expalin please
  15. Ammo

    **Virus Warning**

    dude, sorry zesto, but my dad told told me that joke about 2 years ago.
  16. Ammo


    hehe thats my lucky number
  17. Man, LonelyHeart, please tell thats not YOUR penis
  18. Ammo

    Virgin Squad!!!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.. ya get it? if you aint fucked anyone your gay!
  19. oh nothing just realizing that the girl i love still isnt gunna hook up with me even though she broke up with her boyfreind, becasue she still likes him. and im realizing that i havent done like anything for about 2 weeks, all i do is sit on my ass. and im wondering weather bombing on hallowean is a good idea p.s. its only 7:10 here
  20. Ammo


    couldnt open your page, tt.... but nice baby smasher
  21. i wasnt necissarily talkign about 12oz thats just my opinion about people in general. adn if there was a topic with naked men in it, i just wouldnt look at it. i understand why you cant post porn im on your side seeking :crazy:
  22. but seeking..... what about those porn rules you are always talking about....
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