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  1. DEE38


    I rock turbans. I don't know why. I think i'm in love with erykah badu. Oh and my dad had this kickass hat that was blue... and said SPAM in yellow. Everyone jocked him.
  2. Kinda like FUBU huh.. for ugly by ugly?
  3. I know some guys who would say that to mess around. But I woulden't take them seriously. Well if a guy told me that (like he was all serious and shit), i'd be like... what a dumbfuck. It sounds like your homegirl Snork is as dumb as the shittalker too. Poor girl let her hormones blind her, and in result.. she has to live with the fact that she fell for his BS... and the fact that you, and everyone else will laugh at her for the rest of her life.. and unleash this story at her future birthday parties. (and a couple of your own birthday parties too)
  4. HAHA@you hater! okay fine. A Hina+Corona combo for you. And i'll throw in that Earth Wind & Fire cd.
  5. ** Avacado+Sugar+Milk ** Who else likes this??... I feel like i'm the only one in the world that eats avacado like this. God dayum, this combo is great. What's some weird combinations you all like to eat? You know.. like "a 40, pussy, and cheese" or something. Oranges/Pineapples/Apples with soy sauce and vinerger is off the hook too. Oh please do share..
  6. DEE38

    hair styles

    Hair? What hair? just kidding.. It's jet black, about 6 inches from the booty... and layered. It's curly but I straighten it everyday. Dreads are always very hot. If you got dreads I demand you to post a flick, (ok, please)I want to see.
  7. Haha, I picked mango: hispanic family with little kids. Dayum, that's what's my life gunna be in like huh. I knew it.. i knew it. God bless the children
  8. I use capris to go to the store to buy milk. I use capris to paint. They're equvilant to the pair of torn up pants I wear a wifebeater with... to pick weeds from my lawn with.
  9. I'm 40% Pure... There are 11% of people less pure than me; 0% who are like me, and 89% of people who are MORE pure than me. I demand a re-count like the Gore/Bush elections.
  10. DEE38

    Ramen Noodles!!!

    PHO <<now that's dope noodles... they sell it just like ramen too. The difference is it comes with some seasoned oil packet along with the seasoning. Or PANCIT CANTON... yum. I add roman lettuce or won bok to my noodles.... (let it sit in the hot water to get softer)...and i add vinergar and tabasco. chopped green onions are good too.
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