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  1. I love Morrissey...I think he is awesome....that is just great music.
  2. it's easy to fall, but often hard to get back up. thank god 12oz is back up.
  3. can i handle being understood?? i guess ill soon find out.
  4. what the fuck? that shit is sad.
  5. i just caught that pen....rolling right on by.
  6. i was gonna put some cool remark saying how mindblowing every fucking flic is but all ill say is ... im utterly speechless. yet another killerpostproduction
  7. other


    PUTTIN IN WORK...:king: on some serious shit.
  8. like flies on shit...hahaha killer post on the swarm... ;) did it sting yall too?! moremoremore!!
  9. the outlines impressed me....a lil(j/k) me like.
  10. i really like that second one.
  11. the title of the post was no bullshit. great post
  12. good selection. i wish i could bench where you do.. expert fatso newa nace..rip niiiiice feights!
  13. this gets a line.....fuck a bump. bump.
  14. sometimes....i wonder come on now children, play nice..
  15. ....really? i was kinda surprised to see BZ myself. hes the kinda guy i love to hate..respect and mad ups. oh yea bump for taco-------lovin this post!
  16. .... that second one...oddly enough it kinda makes me hungry for noodles. idunno... i like it though...
  17. trains..... feelin the colors on that first one..that hunt is fresh too
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