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  1. dude i watched that shit while drunk with a mormon kid and this gypsie from italy. shit was hilarious. hajajajajahahahahahahaha
  2. Aeon

    raiding mini marts.

    damn....rollerblades helped me in alot of felonies as well. no joke.
  3. every time i floss it looks like a murder went down in my bathroom.
  4. Aeon


    hahaha cool ethan.:idea:
  5. Do it motherfuckers. Do it.
  6. Aeon


    FUCKIN FOBS.... haha fuckin dirty 30.
  7. haha im popular already! anddddddd i am a HUGE fan of rage against the machine. (psyche) p.s. do your research on the peewee thing you fuckin idiots. he got charged with possession of child pornography but couldnt be charged with the actual fucking of underage boys because its legal over there. DATERAPE. anddddd kissmyass.....hahha. no.
  8. Re: Re: UNCOOL PEOPLE. (volume 1) i would hope so.
  9. the boondocks is also one of the worst comic strips of all time. fuck aaron mcgruder and fuck all you mindless fools who read it just because being liberal is so popular nowadays.
  10. cathy is by far one of the worst comic strips of all times....and there is no way that ANY of those scumfucks you listed could ever compare to my coolness.
  11. i also hate canadians. except professor poop and ttboy. (they are excluded on account of the DATERAPE clause of 1982 section 5 article b.3) p.s. fuck you. go score some surrey girls you fuck. get a disease and die.
  12. a nazi cause i hate alah and michael moore? hmmmm wake up brrrrro and pull the tofu out of your burned out liberal cocksucking face and smell the hate. you are obviously uncool. and no...im actually jewish and have no association to nazis or kkk or any of the like. i just hate moronic cocksuckers like alah, you and that fuckass michael moore. (by the way i stole and instantly returned stupid white men because it was so full of shit) fuck you.
  13. it means that you have to go 3 blocks south to reach the nearest starbucks.
  14. no. you are wrong. pee wee is fuckin gay. motherfucker was over in singapore fuckin little boys with the principal from ferris bullers day off. man fuck you pee wee. fuck you deto. fuck all of you. I AM O.G. in this motherfucker. 15 posts cause im careful at what i post. prestigious like whoa. SO EAT A WIENER. my list is all powerful......... also...heres some more shamefull cocksuckers.... -anyone who opposes me -roseanne -ellen -that juice guy (the old man) -evil kenievel -david letterman -bill mauhr -al gore (you worthless cocksucker) -al green -al sharpton -trey parker -matt stone (your cartoon sucks fuckasses) -jim davis -aaron mcgruder (fuck the boondocks) -that fag anthony edwards from e.r. -scott baio -andre the giant -andre the walrus seal or whatever the fuck that fucker is -sabrina the teenage fuck
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