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  1. Ha! That totally made me laugh out loud. 2002, sheesh. to all: Sorry I haven't been participating. You know how shit goes sometimes. I'm definitely in on the next list though. I'll be out on the west coast with my friend's band, doin' merch and taking pictures. Check out their dates and let me know if you wanna hang. http://www.myspace.com/lowerclassbratsrule
  2. chop suey, how old is that tank? where is it from?
  3. nice work all around everybody. Based on the last couple/few pages, I can see that some of the newer posters aren't aware of how things work in this thread. So, just to recap some of the rules of this thread (that have been decided by longterm posters here) for some of the new folks: -Please, don't post twenty different pictures in twenty different posts. Put them all in one post. -Don't quote and entire post of pictures just to say "nice, bro." one or two pics in a quote is cool, but if you like them all just say, "nice, [insert name here]." -This is not a graffiti thread. Nobody wants to see your shitty tags of some throw ups that you and your boyz did last night. Take that shit somewhere else. Not tryin' to be a dick. Just tryin' to keep us all on the same page so to speak.
  4. Oh_snap, read about HDR here. It definitely has its place in the world of imaging. I however want nothing to do with it. In fact I've gone in a completely opposite direction lately. I've only shot black and white film and mostly at night. I love the look of my photos these days.
  5. Taken in December with my Nikon N80 on Fuji Neopan 1600 film. Developed in my bathroom (pushed to 3200) and printed by me at work. It feels good to have complete control over the whole process. Lots more to come.
  6. The Photography Thread is 295 pages strong. Why would you possibly ask that question in this thread? This thread is only for photohunt related posts.
  7. nice stuff, bird flu. keep posting.
  8. it not a party until someone gets a haircut.
  9. I cut my hair yesterday. Now that mullet-hawks are officially "cool," I figured it's time. My side locks are still growing strong though.
  10. Most of the people I work with are, shall we say, characters. That is Patrick, front man and brains behind the band Pataphysics. Moments before this, he was reading from this book about "new sin" to a few of our customers. It was like some sort of creepy tent revival. He liked this picture so much that he is gonna bring the rest of the band to work to take some pictures while we work tomorrow. The best part of it is that we won't get in trouble for fucking around on the clock. Our district manager came in a few moments before I took this picture. The following conversation transpired: DM: What are you guys doing? *Everyone stares at the floor. I snap off a shot of him* Me: I'm just teaching these guys how to use Nikon's on-camera flash commander. *I scroll through a few pictures for him* DM: Wow! Where did you learn this stuff? Me: Here. It's been slow and the store is in good shape, so I just started reading up. DM: Is this gonna help you sell more product? Me: Damn right it is! DM: Well keep up the good work, guys. Nice pictures by the way. Seriously, this guy is a hard-ass, but he loved these pictures. I was sooooo stoked.
  11. hsifdab and sleeping, thanks. It looks like Earmuffs has won the popular vote. Hopefully we'll see a new list from you real soon, brother. Great work everyone. Lets keep this shit going strong!
  12. As soon as all participants vote. Nice work all around. Some1, that's not me in the pick. Those are all my coworkers. They were good sports this go around and modeled for a bunch of my shots. Earmuffs gets my vote.
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