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  1. DoSeR

    Computer graff

    i like the first and third i like computer shit its cool to see that kinda shit im really feelin your shit..... i been slacking off lately i aint painted in awhile i need to paint this weekend for sure.....skating to damn much:king: :king: :king:
  2. i used the raul duke voice to read the whole article i talk like that alot its weird he is a a great writer man hunter s thompson is amazing
  3. looks like peg bundy...
  4. uuuummmmmmmm.......(speachless) well i like that bike its off the hezey fo sheezy
  5. i liek the last one and the second but thats it the fist looks a lil wack
  6. that HUGE fdp is dope and i like the guts pieces but thats about it
  7. i have never straight dissed someone on here im a peacful guy but seriously your are a fcukign idiot read your post disrespect takes skill.... you must be a fuckin moron....i wish that plane would of crashed into you and saved the thousands of innocents and got rid of one person who should be gone anyways....
  8. as a writer and all writers should have a diffrent veiw on this....when i go out i want to have somethign no one has... i want to feel a rush of freedom a feeling no one can ever truly grasp...only slighty graze i would choose freedom over safety only cause its the only thing that can make you feel more alive than any other feeling.... but in any case... choose your side choose it early stick with your side and fight for what you belive in
  9. i walked into class my teacher got a call and said "oh my god a plane hit the world trade center"....i was like damn i though a passenger plane just fucked up we turned on the tv about 1 minute before the second hit....i saw everything from the time the second plane hit to the end....it was sad so many people died....i dont know if the us did something to provke this... if not we should find what coutnry did this and nuke them... and to those lil fucking kids thinking this is funny i would cane them all.... and break their fucking knee caps... i cant stand people who are ammused by tradgedy...we are all humans and we are killing each other off..... we all evoled from the same things we all went our own ways so we decide to kill each other cause we look diffrent.... FUCK ALL THE HATERS.... rip to those who die in scenless acts of tradgedy
  10. i love it oOoOooo it would be much better with a apricot lamp with a plum base to accent the brightness of this piece of art work......thumbs up man
  11. edited cause i realized my comments were wrong....but i still do not like the vast majority of middle eatern people and thats from all the ones ive met.....BOMB THAT BIN LADEN FUCK AND SADDAM even if it wasnt them bomb em still...... [This message has been edited by DoSeR (edited 09-11-2001).]
  12. HELL YA TO THAT ill be right with ya... im arming myself as i speak..... any arab serb fuckers come to my house get there not bald comb over ass heads blown off what what
  13. man she sucks a typing get her HUKD AWN FONIKS..... but if you want to just get in her panties talk to her for awhile and just let her know your feelings are getting stronger.... cheap poetry works good too
  14. DoSeR


    anyone else like this guys music i think he is amazing..... great stuff i been listening to tom petty and the heartbreakers greatest hits recently i love it... i was raised on this and the ramones......touch my balls if you dont like him
  15. DoSeR

    drowning pool

    i hate thaT yelling metal shit and lets all be depressed cause we make money off shitty lyrics no one can understand..... FUCK METAL
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