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  1. Excellent suggestion. I'll try my best. Should I take like 2 vicoden before I go in? I'm only getting local anesthetic, since gas is like 400$ and I don't have a vagina.
  2. Both of my bottom wisdom teeth need to come out. Anyone else have this shit done? The doctor was a JEW (literally), can I trust him? This is a picture of me Mixtapes/music I just downloaded: Bun B - We Know Bun B M.I.A. - Vicki Leekx Curren$y - Return to the Winners Circle I got lots of Vicoden.
  3. your nonchalance is totally cool
  4. arnold harrow nucky jimmy OMAR season 2 is going to be nuts
  5. looks pretty good actuallyyyy
  6. I've had some awesome roommates and some horrible ones. The end.
  7. the season is picking up i think, last 2 were pretty dec3nt
  8. Fondles

    The Prodigy

    dumb foreigners their 2nd album was easily the best
  9. I was srsly about to make this same post, used to love this show. aaaaaaaaaaand this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0CY5mUcolk&feature=related
  10. Gotta keep it simple, you niggas talking about setting trip wires and shit are gonna get gibbed in the back while you're bending down tieing a fucking wire for the 15th time. Plus how the hell you gonna remember where you set your wires down at? It's pitch black in there, even after your eyes adjust, and you are more likely to trip over your own shit than anything else. And carrying a 6 foot ladder around everywhere you go? Yeah ok. Dead. You need two weapons, machete and something ranged. If they sell crossbows, that's pretty lethal. They make very little noise, and require no-skill or setup to use. The third choice is probably critical to your survival, as everyone else has likely make the same decision you did for the first two choices (2 weapons, not the two mentioned in particular). Do they sell night vision goggles anywhere? Just checked, nope. But I did find this, which I would probably choose as my 3rd. http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ1xge/R-100476769/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 You can use this to set traps, via audio (people are dumb and will inspect noises), and get visuals as well from the night vision camera. It comes with batteries, lasting 10 hours.
  11. all of ur beer names sound SERIOUS
  12. just ate a couple waffles (vans organic gluten free, thick and tasty) with cream cheese, sugar and cinnamon. Cut a banana up for the side as well. Accompanied by tazo matcha green tea chai mix (milk added). deliciouso
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