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  1. I really want to try it. /procrastinate
  2. The Mero update is what this thread needed.
  3. Enjoyed at work, thanks for the time waste d00d
  4. Just invest directly into Corning's stock (GLW). It's much cheaper, vs J&J, giving you opportunity to purchase more stock per $. *Looking further, J&J doesn't have any relation with Corning Inc.
  5. got 3 1200 mk2s and 1 mk3, i'm skraaaaaight
  6. I hope you realize that this was a (successful) troll aimed at the entire music industry.
  7. It's by the same makers of Guinness.
  8. Fondles

    Disc Golf

    rich white men probably hate all of you for this gross abuse of the fine sport known as Golf
  9. leave it on, he looks like a turd
  10. some stupid little toy from a magic shop
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