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  1. Went to Best Buy this morning at 8 AM with 2 friends. We were 5th in line when we got there. By 10 AM when they opened, there was like 60 ppl in line. The store only had 18 of each version. They handed out numbered papers to those in line. Nice and orderly, it was surprising. We all got 2, but 4 of them are mine lol. Resell, sup craigslist. Posting from one of them now. Happy ending.
  2. Yeah gl niggers, i ordered from 4 different places, all said in stock then only to get an email stating not in/cancelled order. Struggling since saturday trying to get one. A local Best Buy is getting a shipment in "maybe Wednesday night", according to the lying pos associate on the phone. So hopefully I can snag one Thursday morning when they open. check http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=0&t=3220862 for updates etc.
  3. new edition physics/math books. yeah. ok. fucking assholes.
  4. Fondles

    fuck my life

    she get that nickle or wat
  5. just think of all the free pity pussy they will get now
  6. just to be clear, when you say dope, you mean heroine? dope has become a generic regional term for a variety of drugs, these days. nm no need to be clear, idgaf. gl in paris.
  7. ^^this i long ago stopped using banks/credit unions. w/e.
  8. Re: And she loves to show Mero off, of course/smile every time his name shows up in the So this nigga not rich yet?
  9. i had a 72 buick once, sans le flamethrower
  10. Fondles

    So today

    hey those are robots
  11. Live your life, it seems like he certainly did.
  12. anyone ever tried organic beers? curious to try, but there's like 20 different brands at publix...
  13. fucked with a chick from oregon once. she had pigtails. nuff said.
  14. tell everyone you meet that the Steelers are trash
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