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  1. Good to see all the fill ins, and my man Pepe!
  2. This goes out to my man Byas, we with you homie
  3. Dek wholecar...super fresh.......mid to late 90`s pieces from Klas,Jnub, Kemos and Nace....also super fresh
  4. Double weak on Joe Pesci, Why chime in and defend a move you didn't make? IF you're that surprised the FH wall hasn't been dissed go diss it yourself and then you can come on here and tell everyone how smacked up it was and how it looks better with your toy shit over it. And you can be sure that Hyper will be getting dissed.
  5. Cool AIDS flicks,those guys have spots lurking all over. But as stated before weak move on Hyper for clipping a little bit of Jersey history. Not to many spots running from 03, no need to help the buff and go over whats left of classic highway spots.
  6. other then all the back and forth with benny, great page of flicks!
  7. Roadhouse for the win, anyone have thh savior and eye that was next to that rime that was on the parkway,right before you go over the driscoll bridge?(pictured above)
  8. what a great page, that Klas up top is one of the nicest pieces i've seen in awhile
  9. tagging dead animals always looks kind of stupid
  10. good stuff. anymore ethek street stuff
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