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  1. yO I don't get it. . . If you were to show pictures of this guys shit to anyone that wasn't into grafitti, They would say that shit sucks, it looks childish. and you know it. It's like "Lewis", it blows, yet everybody jocks it to unmeasurable proportions. ?? why? there are so many other dope writters out there. I think everyone likes to jock something that sucks cause they think it's 'COOL" or something. so they can tell people like me that you're crazy dude, you don't know what you're talking about man. . . this is oze108 kyt nigga!!!!! eewwww man! ah ohh! it looks like complete garbage. my little 7 yr. pld brother can go out and paint something, put "OZE108" next to it and you guys would be like DUDE!!! oh my god is that shit good! off the hook man! or have my little sister go and paint "Lewis" and you guys would get your dick hard and be like " wow that is the best shit I ever seen!" . . it all makes me laugh hahahaha!!!:confused: :confused:
  2. yO yes, I def. agree seeking. . I don't get it either. . . simple as that
  3. yO That horny piece that you wern't sure who did it is. . . KUHR he keeps it rugged. I've never seen anything but clean ass fr8's from him
  4. yO I'm not usually fond of that style that gouls rocks but that one is super dope, I'm diggin it harcore. . . and sigh!
  5. yO yO, I caught a sigh train almost 2 years ago. . I wasn't sure who he was or seen much of him, but i flix it cause it was dope, ever since. . . I've been catching a lot from him. . dude has been putting in work! from what I see! yo sigh, your shit is dope and I cherish that flix i got of you. . keep it up killer:D
  6. yo. Yo your shit's tight, I really feel it in an intellectual sense. dopeness
  7. ewww !! I love this shit, NATRL, BITER, TYBOE. . Nastyness!!!! when I first went to the bay, I was amazed at seeing first hand natrl's shit. Biter is off the hook, although it's ashame people hate on him so much. And I would give my left nut for some of the lime green that BEGR has on his outline!! yummy!!!!!:king:
  8. yo Kuhr is a beast, I love that shit, that shit looks even iller when he rocks on tankers. . . everytime I catch a kuhr train , it's always "so freash and so clean!!!"
  9. yo Yo that's all some pretty hardcore bombin'. some sick straight letters, That ARMY dude letter are dope as hell. I actually like his straight letter bombs, more than i do his peices.
  10. . . . And I'll gangster walk behind you. . . hahaha
  11. yo I know you are all gonna hate on me for this, but. . does anyone else not like Oze's shit?? like i see some of his stuff and realize that he is up and known, and it is well painted, but. . . I just don't think that it is that dope at all, or at least not as much as "everyone" does. . . that's just me though.
  12. yo I just caught a lyes train the other day, it was dope, on a BNSF up in the burgh. the other side was kotah and mesko. peace
  13. yo dude, I don't even care, Ges is one of the hardest motherfuckers around, I've never seen a bad ges anything. dude you got mad respect from me and it's ashame that everyone hates on you. They're just sweatin' your ass cause the're afraid!!!
  14. yo yeah that shit's always ill.
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