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  1. Norfolk Southern Massacrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre... hahahaaa...I remember this handsome brute of a man! one of you guys email me from down there sometime soon.
  2. whoa...settle down there toughguy. I wasn't talking shit or anything, I was just letting that guy know that you weren't in TM anymore.
  3. you need to correct that. he's not in TM anymore.
  4. did you get a straight-on daytime picture of that?
  5. Thoughts Manifested http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/29/290/089/290894055.jpg'> Death to the fake TM...posers. Pakoe/Codak/Audroc/RexTwo/Task/Scar1.0 Tennessee Metal 2002
  6. http://nola.puregraffiti.com/flicks/task9.jpg'> Task eats computer nerds for breakfast.
  7. http://www.tennessee-scv.org/Camp1513/banner.gif'>
  8. Scars


    what part? I know people around there.
  9. Scars

    spotted 41

    that was Vets.
  10. norfolk southern massacre ah man...I hate that last one. and I guess that I bite Spot now?
  11. Scars


    Just for the record, in case you didn't already know...the misfits stole almost EVERYTHING they did from old old horror movies. G Danzig is still my role model anyhow.
  12. heh? what are you talking about?
  13. Scars


    FINISH HIM I'm a mass murderer in MK. kids at the arcades hated me because I always took all their money. I remember when I was little I got punched in the back of my head by some 20/21 year old redneck because I unleashed a hour long slaughter on him. blahblah email me suckafish
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