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FOHR/cold fusion

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  1. FOHR/cold fusion

    2 Tons of "Take That!"

    That's one of the coolest things i have ever seen in my life!!!! BIG ups to you!
  2. FOHR/cold fusion

    1st time postin a flick

    Much props to Cleveland. SEK, I'm lovin' those productions. peace.
  3. FOHR/cold fusion


    Oh yeah, hit me up when you come to the D fleshy.
  4. FOHR/cold fusion


    HAHA, take that shit off!!!LOL. That's why I enjoy drunken bombing other that piecing!!
  5. FOHR/cold fusion

    GG Allin strikes again

    Yeah, I heard you guys is rippin' those freghts. I like that VLAD striaght letter. you're number one in my book Dec!!!
  6. FOHR/cold fusion

    $$$ -=- THE 666 POST -=- $$$

    Yeah Seym, I like you already. I feel ya, if you say homeboy just going through some hard times then I hope he gets through them. But homeboy said it was just a joke because it was his 666th post. Well, he kept posting santanic pictures after that, so that wasn't true. Fuck it, it don't matter, I'm all about freedom of expression. Kr, follow the road you think will be positive for you, and I hope the best for you. PEACE.
  7. FOHR/cold fusion

    $$$ -=- THE 666 POST -=- $$$

    Your name is DEAD PEOPLE RULE...that's enough for me to ignore your comments, but other then deleting this post... ONE question...why do dead people rule???? I don't know you personally, but if you have parents. Do you think Dead People Rule if your mom or father died???? [This message has been edited by FOHR/cold fusion (edited 05-24-2001).]
  8. FOHR/cold fusion

    $$$ -=- THE 666 POST -=- $$$

    WEBMASTER, please delete this thread. I know alot of people can and will be offended by this. 12oz.prophet i'm sure doesn't hold religious issues on THE BENCH. Please delete this bullshit.
  9. FOHR/cold fusion

    I FEL the need to post....