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  1. CaNHaPpY

    D- tox

    If you don't want to listen don't keep lookin at the thread... as I recall the thread was titled Dtox not aren't drugs great... and if anyone on here is preachin it would be you, it sounds like your one of those 14 year juvenile stoner kids who does graff cuz it's "cool" Oh and congrats Cracked, it's good to hear!
  2. CaNHaPpY

    D- tox

    I've been in detox... not a very fun place as I recall... spent most of my time smoking and drawing
  3. CaNHaPpY

    fruit boots.

  4. I'm usually not down for stencils (cuz it seems like alot of toys use them instead of gettin skills) but I gotta give it to you, those are really nice!
  5. I wish I had a summer vacation that good... Much props Secret!
  6. I saw this flick awhile ago and actually thought it was kinda lame... except for the TV show part it looked kinda like a knock off of basketball diaries..........
  7. Huge stack of buffalo wings with a sixer of LGD and a twix of tequila (the expensive shit!)
  8. maybe women just dont make you happy---hmmmm---lol [This message has been edited by neahs_number (edited 08-20-2001).][/b] I don't think tellin the guy he's gay is gonna make him feel better... My advice is be an asshole... it's been my observation that women have a need to go out with people that treat them like shit, cuz I've watched so many girls go for absolute losers and pass up 'nice guys'... as to why women do this, I haven't got a fuckin clue... Maybe it gives them somethin to talk about with the 'friends'
  9. Seeing real beef is much more refreshing than internet bullshit...
  10. A very talented writer and artist was lost... RIP Nace, one of the best freight writers ever!
  11. Life is short dude.... I've always found that planning that far ahead never works... if you really want this chick, just bite the bullet and make a move
  12. Actually some Canadians are better! Nice post!
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