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  1. i dont know wy but the third drawing reminds me too much of a swatch character
  2. lvin the ono fliks ..an that virus freights pretty g'd
  3. cliford okson is fukked up
  4. hINt*

    Few freights

    fukk you "IHATEU" the guys showin love for his mom...show some fukkin respect you fag
  5. that dare makes me excited
  6. ummm...don't talk shit about other countries if you dont know what the fuck you're talking about.......the discussion is closed
  7. that ners secretly spells wers
  8. FUCK YOU!!! you stupid nieve bigot, because i live 500 miles from seatle i cant write and am second rate to you? CANADA is Great, when was the last time you heard a Canadian call a person from the U.S. a cowboy or a hillbilly??? And you are dissing Mexico, your pissing off about 80 million people. -----WE ALL LIVE IN EQUALITY------- By: Fr@se
  9. hINt*

    postal sticker

    Guns don't kill people, I kill people!!! ------------------ ThE HeNtEr...
  10. in canada..we eat raw seal and live in igloo..we are the eskimo people..crying wolf.....the chum.....bird cries to eagle............blubber wale is awake......we are one with nature....
  11. hINt*

    new blackbook

    0Re0 makes me happy
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