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  1. To be honest, hardcore dancing has evolved from slam pits the way it was with shit like Black Flag, Bad Brains, The Germs, etc into what it is now. And now it's more of a balet type thing, Personally, I like it. I grew up on metal oldschool hardcore, so I can appreciate slam pits just as much as say a Slayer fan, but I can also appreciate dancing pits. BUT, Lately, where I live, hardcore dancing has become more of a fashion contest, or like.. trying to be able to show up the next guy on 'how cool your new moves are' etc, I think it's fucking bullshit. It should never be about how 'rad' you look when you dance, it should always be about going out, having a good time, and showing the bands that you fucking love them by just going off the hook when they play. And to the people who say "I don't like getting punched." [MOST] Hardcore kids I know are about positivity, and against violence, with exceptions like the Boston Beatdown and FSU, and Courage Crew kids. If someone falls in a pit, help him up, try not to hit people that don't want to be hit, if someone gets infront of you while you're throwing down and you do hit them, most people will apologize. I had my cheek torn apart and I was spitting blood last time I saw Misery Signals [2 of the members are from here, and they sprung out of a combination of an ex-local band and 7a7p, so kids go off really hard] And I patted the guy on the back and said 'Fuck that was solid' he apologized, and we became instant friends. For bigger shows like the one this post is about. When those come here, we usually make 2 pits, one for kids who want to dance, and one for kids who want to run into eachother, haha. I understand not many cities will do that [as far as i know] But that's just how it is here.
  2. 1. Life is a Fight - This Aint No Skipping Stone 2. Converge - Eagles Become Vultures 3. xTORN BETWEENx - Never Surrender 4. xLooking Forwardx - Together For A Reason 5. The Sawtooth Grin - Give me the Amulet you Bitch!
  3. I haven't attempted to do anything in about 3 years.. and 3 years ago I was complete garbage, so I still am. unfortunately my scanner is confusing, and I had to take a picture of the paper with a webcam. Also, this looked better in pencil before I went over it with a sharpie because the lines came out way thicker and bled more than i thought they would :S :yuck:
  4. I'm going out as Casey Jones this year. It's going to be off the hook.
  5. So this little girl walks in on her mother in the shower. The little girl points at her moms crotch and says, "What's that mom?". The mother replies "That's my vagina, dear." Little girl says "Oh, when do I get one?" And the mom tells her "You get one when you go to college dear." Next day the little girl walks in on her dad in the shower. Again, the little girl points at her dads crotch and says "What's that?" The dad tells her, "That's my penis, dear." And again, the little girl says "When do I get a penis?" So the dad tells her "When your mom goes to work."
  6. any chance i could buy some stickers from you fr0st? just for my computer case, etc. my faovrites being the pink stars, and the beatup/bandaged toro.. soo nice :D, but they're all gorgeous
  7. http://img56.photobucket.com/albums/v171/Jasminexface/obesity_mosh.gif'> fattest twostep ever
  8. http://img48.exs.cx/img48/742/9701699_l1.gif'>http://img89.exs.cx/img89/386/bog.gif'>
  9. as awful as it sounds, i do hardly ever brush.. like once every 3 or 4 days.. haha :zombie: zombie face... because theres no blush face.
  10. Thread necromancy because i found a hell of a lot of ouija i've never seen in this thread, and he is without a doubt my favorite artist.
  11. 8 hours isn't very long i say do it, going up against them will likely get you in more shit than you need. Everytime they or their buddies see you they will find some stupid reason to fuck with you.
  12. Link to story about the finding of child porn in the game: http://www.klerck.org/dx2/ Link to Ion Storms response: www.rabidleper.net/IONSTORM.pdf
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