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  1. memories.....


    that one train with the rabbit was done on easter night with naceo.a week later we heard from a friend of a friend that he was sitting in the station waiting for the train on easter .he saw it parked ,and was like ''oh shit''.the police walked up to him ,and were like ''do you know how did this...did you do this//''he was like ''naw'' and they were like ''fuck it at least they did the easter bunny'' nice post nace.met.newa.klas.xide. kemos.nezm.rime.topa.semz.you can't go wrong

  2. like the older ish better...even though they took a chip of lifetime's block....enjoy thursday alot ...all 5 times i seen them they have put on great shows...but that's just me.the point is people should listen to what makes them happy not seen as cool.talk all the trash you want i personally know a bunch of ''writers'' who own saves the day recordings[myself included] but i guess we all deserve to die too....who cares.i like rites of spring ......''i could go and fall in love with a face that's new...but it wouldn't be you''or something like that.i also once owned a boy sets fire windbreaker but i think newa threw it out the window of his car on the drive to kanas city while i was a sleep....haha

  3. Originally posted by NewaMayhemEnd


    You need to get your shit straight Mr, we actully only paint the same scrap train three times a year and send flicks to scribble. We roll over the train in different backrgounds and bring in a team of pro sign makers to do the logo of different train companys.

    hahahahahahahahahahaha.our secrets revealed......p.s. chaps that freight o' mine is 2 and a half years old[around the last time i got laid]
  4. a recent encounter /me ''how was it living in your home town''

    her''it kinda sucks and all the boys at my school were stupid graffiti



    me ''i write graffiti''

    her ''urghhhhhhhh''[while making a face]


    older classics ''i like graffiti when its artistic ...but hate that tagging stuff''

    ''graffiti ...there's no money in that''

    ''oh you know jonny [so nobody they know] is really good at that''

    ''yeah....you'll outgrow that my friend[so and so] did''

    ''if you like it so much then go have sex with a freight instead of me''

  5. Originally posted by canadian retard


    IRM/? stamped bad CN ridgie

    NECSKE/PRISM cn flat

    REVISER x2 cn flat

    R.i.P NACE MAYHEM cn flat by 3 different people but NOT DONE! said "i cant do this" looked like rime/xide/chip

    BZ? YELP DANS EVIL 13 cn flat

    REACT cn flat

    ANUS/ SYSE '99 cn flat (yeah thats right!)

    do you have flicks of that nace r.i.p.???i didn't particapate in that one but would love to see it...i have heard of someone else seeing it too.if so could you post it ...thanks
  6. i don't know about 6 or 7 months ago i kept nagging john to go to this grilled wharehouse area of the trainline to paint path work trains that were layed up behind a hill.the bulk of them were scraps,but once in a blue moon it looked like they pulled live ones in.i didn't care regardless ,i never got a chance to piece them before ,and i was entralled with their yellow color.i had seen some guys from what i thought was europe painted the outside strip a while ago and it never left.nace had done the live verison work trains with an unnamed philly freight writer [and former partner] in a fluke location in 1998.he said they were coming home from rocking pieces on the paths at a different location.they simply parked,and walked up to where they were and did them.they flicked them ,and bounced.while driving away they looked on the tracks and saw the workers showing up for their shifts.they mustlikely left the work trains there for a night.imagine their surprise....... so when he finally agreed to go it was as a favor to me.the thing about this area is a slew of kids had already been chased out ,and it was lit up like a christmas tree.it is also very close another extremely busy yard on a very busy line.the plan was to sneak around into the pocket drop our stuff ,and leave.we gained excess via a backstreet ,and dodged a huge work truck on the long walk in ...laying down inches from our bodies and it ''slow rolled''us.when we finally got there it was a tense atmosphere.he was like ''let's drop quick simples''[ this is coming from a guy who always pushed the envelope,and was calm in high pressure situations.i am like ''ok''.we start painted the other side of the train that has been parked there forever.and upon closer look all the trains there where scraps.we start painting i am doing a full color ''cbs''blockie with newly gotten montana ,and john is freestyling an ''anga'' simple piece with blue tones.i am almost done about to throw white highlights on the plum .when all of a sudden a bright light shines on us both .we duck under the train,hiding for our lives.i peek out to the left of us [the light source]and see a squad car parked at the of an neighbooring factory 's parking lot shining high beams into the pocket.he gets out [about 8 feet away]and is stands at the fence with a flashlight.there we are whispering in a panic ''what to do???''.he has seen us and is calling backup we presume.i am like'' regardless they are gonna come from the workstation a block away and we should just split''.he is like'' wait a second ''and for some reason the cop gets in the car ,and turns around.in what we guessed was an attempt to get on the line another way.it is freezing cold that night,we look at each other ........and with steam from our breath agree this is our chance.we run the length of the trainline to the side of a highway,ditch our paint,and then walk it to a residentional area and find where we parked.we get in the car catching our collective breath[not the way we came in].he is like ''i told you i didn't want to go over there''.the great thing about nace was his expert spot selection,and planning.he took into account what was gonna get buffed......and what was ''get over'' and what would get you caught.all the while taken serious risks.he would pull off insane pieces in places they were not supposed to be ,while some local kid would get bagged catching a white shoe polish tag on a mailbox in the suburbs.that night we almost got bagged for a garbage train.earlier that week i got in a ''cops'' style chase through backyards doing another ''cbs''on a tiny wall on rt.1 that came out like shit.the moral of this story is i should have listened to him in the first place.sorry if i am babbling it was a long day at work ..........

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