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  1. daaaaaaaaaaaaaang that throwie is like 5 years old..ouch....the magone still looks good though
  2. crunch berries with soy silk spells a good day for charles
  3. dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnng the pilage continues......
  4. memories..... that one train with the rabbit was done on easter night with naceo.a week later we heard from a friend of a friend that he was sitting in the station waiting for the train on easter .he saw it parked ,and was like ''oh shit''.the police walked up to him ,and were like ''do you know how did this...did you do this//''he was like ''naw'' and they were like ''fuck it at least they did the easter bunny'' nice post nace.met.newa.klas.xide. kemos.nezm.rime.topa.semz.you can't go wrong
  5. hoping to see a copy soon.... kanas city seems a little late on graffitti based mags....oh well
  6. a few of those bring back memories....we miss and will always will
  7. perry ellis..... nice.........
  8. cedric and omar[of at the drive in fame] new band....i saw them tonight and they tore the house down.i highly suggest anyone go see them when they come through your town.....
  9. like the older ish better...even though they took a chip of lifetime's block....enjoy thursday alot ...all 5 times i seen them they have put on great shows...but that's just me.the point is people should listen to what makes them happy not seen as cool.talk all the trash you want i personally know a bunch of ''writers'' who own saves the day recordings[myself included] but i guess we all deserve to die too....who cares.i like rites of spring ......''i could go and fall in love with a face that's new...but it wouldn't be you''or something like that.i also once owned a boy sets fire windbreaker
  10. hahahahahahahahahahaha.our secrets revealed......p.s. chaps that freight o' mine is 2 and a half years old[around the last time i got laid]
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