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  1. what area were these benched?
  2. Hey, you DUMB FUCK, are you a complete fucken moron or what? your fucken lucky it was CP POLICE that found you and not me you piece of shit!! NEVER GO BACK THERE, that is your last warning!

    favorite candy?

    No doubt tha... :love2: BIG FOOTS :love2: :gaga: also Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews beeyatch cant hate on this, haters
  4. damn does arek ever paint the bar, hahaha seriously doh every pic in this thread! dont ask why i noticed that!
  5. new canvas, thought id contribute :smiles:
  6. hey do you have flics of this, if you do could you email it please...thx strikah210@hotmail.com
  7. Re: MONDAY FUNDAY wow that BUCK script is nice...haha real nice indeed! Big ups to GH and dem titties!
  8. been real bored lately... http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_103556_119_3751.jpg'>
  9. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_113745_118_408.jpg'> http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_61309_117_2860.jpg'> http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_45948_117_1566.jpg'> http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_40336_117_8734.jpg'>
  10. b&w 2 color Heres a before and after... http://atlas.imagemagician.com/images/strikah210/trcxoutline.jpg'> http://atlas.imagemagician.com/images/strikah210/TRC.jpg'> damn that themo and izze is hot!!

    Alpha Battle: B

    A B http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL238/1141378/2154575/26650756.jpg'>
  12. http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset20/2003/04/06/10519/10519779_0_0900.fpx,0,0,1,1,1024,349,FFFFFF'>
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