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  1. man you sure showed the government, ZING!
  2. dear sofles, great to have you in our crew, but please no more 3-d, i cant take it -vizie
  3. oh yessssss its that nigga quesssssssss
  4. come on guys, dont complain its time to... just take notes, its grillz 101 heres a good start now go a little bigger a go even bigger still, this picture is kind of small so you in the back can come sit up front if you need to ok now bathroom break now even bigger still!, with an A+ with a star because of extra credit now for the extra credit question from last week, well guys it looks like PCF is a bunch of white boys now im gonna leave you with something from the US crew now i hoped you learned alot and i hope you can use this information to better yourselves and your graffiti lives.....NEVER GIVE UP!
  5. what, full of bad generic graffiti?
  6. dropping 12 galaxies on that azzzzzz try and say that PCF cant paint, go ahead, try
  7. i remember benching these spots in the freezing cold, and on sundays after i was hungover and hating life i would go here, now i see them again im suprised i never jumped off of one of these bridges, im glad that i left....kc i love you but i hate you more
  8. OKING!...............get it
  9. fuck yeah kick is the best ever im pilled out as hell who are you
  10. fuck it talk shit bring the beef like its gonna happen you dont live here i dont live there its not happenin...im not involved in any of it but keep up the typin its keepin every body entertained like... we light a candle run laps around the english channel...they call me animal thug when im in cages...make cents...im personally mad at some asshole thinkin he was cool tryin to paint in boxers and black socks...fancy seein you here...hip hop its a small world...that vizie piece is blaze...dimensional is sooooo five years ago...fear bangs
  11. roske burns 60 women in one night one nut in the mouth... foreheadslaps
  12. oh come on dig deep wheres the pubes the dorps the sick the siem the old wca ish some hitachis with the windows open and paint from end 2 end ...i miss that city dinking blackies with ruba coming back from backjumps...litlle girls in pleated skirts across the platform going to school while your waiting for your panel dusted as fuck
  13. eats is pozes evil ass twin..pass that henrock son...wake me up when the strippers get here
  14. lead isnt hard... i heard take five beat him up
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