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crosstie walker

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  1. why are you still talking shit? that beef is over with. move on.
  2. SFR does not consist of two people. You know this. You are contradicting yourself by fueling the fire.
  3. That's what style is you jackass...
  4. CRIPS MARE DAYSER Southern Freight Revival Critters
  5. Louisiana Boys.... HARSH TASK SFR
  6. RITE gets no love in our town, anyway. We've been going over that fool for years.
  7. free SCAR 1.0!!!! Southern Freight Revival
  8. It's CLEW from Mississippi... You will catch REK with these cats sometimes because they are fellow crewmembers...
  9. My man TASK GOOSE and KEN 82... Southern Freight Revival
  10. Big RENK oldie... Southern Freight Revival... SIGH
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