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  1. Slow day on the bench, but I caught some good shit.
  2. All benched Sunday 6-6-10 in northeast Pa, 41 pics total.
  3. that EYE and TRE is nice
  4. Solo's segment is done, filming Faves, and 27 in the next month...Not sure who else we'll find. We'd like some west coast old timers, and also Whistle Blower, but can't seem to locate him, or find someone that knows him.
  5. I think I took care of everything for those concerned...
  6. I can't wait to do it again in August!
  7. ^^^ I totally agree, well done MES
  8. Caught these all after work on Saturday 5/15/10 while exploring an old favorite spot of mine. The streaks have been posted in the streaks/monikers/hobo tag thread
  9. Upload those bethlehem shots. I'd also like to see flicks of that Ket I know someone has them, Thats the incoming line I missed when I ran to the store.
  10. good to hear, we had a great group of guys! The weather held up, the cheese steaks were good, and the benching wasn't bad! Can't wait to do it again in August! Any of you get pics of that rainbow you're talking about? post it up!
  11. Thats all, man it felt good to finally get out benching again..it's been awhile.....I got hi res shots of everything, if anyone needs something, get at me by PM...piece..
  12. The benchfest went down today, everyone showed up, good day benching, and nice to meet you all! Here's what I spotted today...136 pics, HOLD THE COMMENTS PLEASE UNTIL I'M DONE. Thanks...................
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