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  1. bane titles bruce sprintsteen signatures. and no pictures. 2/3 of the way to amazing. "fuck you're too busy bitching about clothes that do not fit"
  2. THE FUCKING GONER OWNZZZ and repae. go get em tiger.
  3. 1. 1st punk/HC show attended? purpose/one king down 96 followed sometime after by sick of it all/strife/subzero 2. Last show attended? down to nothing, get real, cast aside mental cancelled.. 3. Favorite punk/HC band ever? ... ignite/gb/mouthpiece/bane... 4. Are you straight-edge? How long? any sXe tattoos? yes/i've never drank, started claiming around summer of 9th grade/no edge tattoos 5. Favorite era of punk/HC? this one. 6. Favorite scene (time and location)? richmond va 1999-2000 7. Worst scene? anything involving the word 'noise' 8. Most memorable show? cmo last show, first show with soia, any time flies/cmo show around 99, superbowl in 97, hardcore alive and well fest in nj... 9. Biggest live disappointment! most of the disappointments i've found i wasn't that interested in to begin with 10. Best live punk/HC band? survivors, no justice, bane 11. Ever been in a band? yes 12. Best venue? twisters. under no other name. tokyo rose, charlottesville. any nj basement 13. Worst venue? any nj venue, especially in old bridge 14. When exactly did Walter S. lose it? dude was never there 15. Do you own a record player? yeah 16. Do you own any colored vinyl? yeah 17. Been to a "fest"? Which one(s)? yes, whatever is going on at a given time. 18. circle pit? mosh? kick box? ha, 'i do the twist' chill, sing, mosh 19. Favorite punk/HC 'zines and/or websites? there was a rva zine called slug juice years ago that was awesome..anything my friends put out. 20. Old enuff to remember the Krshna fad? yes. many people i knew became krsna almost, i do love 108 more than life though. 21. Young enuff to be part of the Christian trend? ha, what's up indecision. 22.a) Were you upset when Green Day signed to a major label? no B) Jawbreaker? dear you dear you dear you dear you dear you dear you dear you dear youdear you dear you dear you dear you c) AFI? yep d) H2O? talk about bands falling off 23. Older vs. Newer? a)AFI equal B) Throwdown? buhhhh c) Refused? shape of punk.. d) Sick Of It All? older, but i'll stand by those dudes, they put in the time. e) Converge? all f) Hatebreed? whatev, older. 24. How did you get into punk/HC? high school, central new jersey. turning point, mouthpiece, purpose, uprise, blah
  4. solid point, i agree entirely. although, if i happened to come upon a chung king, i don't think i'd let it slide :P until i catch it randomly though, i don't stress much about stuff like that.
  5. i've got a question for someone if they could hit my email. i'd rather it not be something for the board, but i would be into some sort of thread for this shit if there's enough people on here. whatever, coding / design, blah. dude from round my way runs a site called now go create i think it's a solid site, and a lot of interesting stuff gets around there. more on an illustration tip: matthew woodson http://www.nowgocreate.com/3/showcase.php?t=1175&nolaunch=1'> anyway, if you think you could lend a hand for a fairly routine css problem (i believe), drop me an email.
  6. maybe you're missing my point. someone can stick around for 20 years and not do anything to promote the scene, and i'll still think nothing of them, what i mean is that if after 2 years you're already thinking so little of hardcore to break it down into little complaints, maybe you should step back and realize that all you're doing is complaining. you can pay you're five bucks to get in, and if you feel that's enough and warrants you the right to be annoyed at everything, be my guest, i don't pretend to have any more rights or answers than anyone else. I just feel time is better spent creating and building than whining. most of the bands and styles or whatever were mentioned by you, i don't go anywhere near, i care very little for most of those bands, but hopefully some of them spark interest in some stupid 15 year old to go start a band, and to me that's enough. I'm not defending any of those things, nor am i criticizing the fact that you mock them, but i am saying that if all you've come out with after a few years is a list of jokes and style trends, maybe you should start writing for a fashion magazine and leave hardcore alone.
  7. i normally stay away from it when you guys talk about punk/hardcore etc. but i gotta coment on this, it definitely made me smile. You're talking about 'back in the day' when you've only been around for a minute? i don't ever pull shit about blah blah blah new jack, cause there's always someone who's been around longer, and it's not like i've been around so long..but i'm tnot out complaing.. you run a label? in a band? do a zine? run a distro? book shows? cause if not, you're wasting space. but stick around for a few years before you jump right into judging, try creating something, stick your neck out first, let everyone judge you before you get on their case... i love hardcore, bullshit and all, i take all of it with a grain of salt, so don't worry, you didn't get to me. but maybe talk about all the people that are putting themselves out there for a bunch of bullshit suburban kids to judge. just can't hate enough.
  8. Man, if you're getting all your knowledge from that dude...no matter what happens, he pulls that child abuse card like it's the gospel. When 95% of the population is tattooed, and more pierced, how the fuck are you gonna say that?
  9. resurrected..that last piece is killing me. from the bates thread-http://www.tha4elements.8m.net/bates9.jpg'>
  10. damn, just got back from that show. good stuff, i'm glad they're back together.
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