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  1. tek.. comon pardna..just go home and pull out some linoleum or something or do some beat boxing....oh but thats after you beat the cops down.. gee
  2. i hear if you mix anthrax with paint and then use your nitro-synthetic booster cO2 cartridge and then syphen it into the canister you can get a high powered thrust of paint..FUCK ALL OF YOU ,YOU TOYS.. dont discuss this shit online
  3. yeahh muthafuka yeahh..rhode island beez reppin to the fullests..oh look ..DOA is back on the scene....cool..
  4. that pastel green fill is probably the toyest thing i have ever seen.. but some of his stuff i really like.. he definately has the FX style enhance to him
  5. its jsut too bad that the palestinian children are brought up to believe that this is a good thing and is ok ..reguardless of what there lives are like.. its no reason to kill so much..there so naive and moldable.. they are the ones i feel the worst for.. they have no chance now..
  6. terrorism is cowardly..full of testosterone? sure it is.. and we all feel like blowing shit up at one point.. but honestly..its a very uneducated way to get what you want and pretty desperate.. so unoriginal.. so fuck you you sick fucks..
  7. on that pj ..to the left of it is another piece cut off.. is that bester? the providence native bester?
  8. im a fan of abys' shit.. love it..and i think that its good because alot of the best writers are unknown..
  9. its funny how cities can spend so much on paint to buff.. i read that providence spent like over some rediculous figure to buff electrical boxes and a few poles.. i gotta find out where they buy there paint becasue for the price they buy it at.. it should hae 14 KT in that shit.. or the city is jsut stupid and shit..its just kinda sad that our tax dollars go to like a gallon of paint that cost more than a pair of armani shoes or something.. put more cops out for drunk drivers or something serious..
  10. that irm could be a worm..cool tho
  11. hey clip the apex.. shut the fuck up you dick..im not saying i like seekings shit but ..dood.. aves doesnt do shit like that..and honestly..i think you suck too
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