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  1. i guess those cars do move. :rolleyes:
  2. going to be in town tomarrow night, holla. -Rail Rats
  3. inspirational, supportive, fucking hilarious and an all around nice mother fucker. Honkeys NYAC Boo-Ya
  4. who did the 14th piece down on the left of porer?!!!!


    PEN DETA, oldie but a goodie!!
  6. digital prints are cool as long as they dont look like digital prints, nah-mean? you should sign them by hand also, something small yet heart felt.
  7. i am in love with the way joker framed thoes smaller pieces, lots of negative space in a good way. a man after my own heart. p.s. the works themselves are amazing as well.
  8. i saw a neck face in Upstate NY recently!
  9. if you dont have that KRS flick in your collection, or at least seen it before you must be new at this!!
  10. Pen, Deta RailRats!!!!
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