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dirtbag deem kd

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  1. wow, what a herb...stealing someones identity to seem like your someone "important"...make a name for yourself kid...go to the playground and swing off of something other than my nuts..thanks.. THE REAL DEEM KD.TNB. :king:
  2. ^^^^ your flick dont work, anyways, forget about me..this thread is about stae2, someday in the future i'll have a thread and then you all can discuss the variations of the word deem..till then.,let stae have his thread.
  3. my nigga mone...well deserved thread.this dude puts in unbelievable amounts of work, and was definitely one of my main major influences when i was learning..i remember MAKE showin me all the new shit him and mone did a few years back, Mone's still on top of his game more than ever, heres some flix of walls outta my personal stash.i'll post more when i have more time. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00253882f00000002.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00253882f00000001.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00253882f00000004.jpg'>
  4. t-kid got styles for miles..he's always been a major influence to me, that halloween wall is sick too.
  5. that aerosol evolution wall is sick, one of the best productions i seen this year. thumbs up to clark.
  6. sick shit.i cant wait to go back.that place is destroyed, deem-make-stae-gusto......montreal....august 2002 http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00243406f00000001.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00243406f00000002.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00243406f00000005.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00243406f00000004.jpg'>
  7. he definitely destroyed the bx, you couldnt go anywhere without seein a throwup or fillin, he wrecked shit and deserves his own thread, and hes a cool dude.thumbz up
  8. oh stop ya bitchin.if u were somebody u would have flix to show, you email me ages back sayin u write deam? now u write deem also? stop hating, fact is i got more fame and i get up more than you...face the facts, if u did get up...your now a hasbeen and if u didnt get up your just another fake writer.oh, and by the way, get that new issue of the source, ya favorite deem is on page 99 ;)
  9. sick crew.sick styles.thumbz up. feelin that turtle leia did.shit is sick.
  10. sew was killen em, hot shit....someone post the fly id wall....that was comin off sick too,
  11. i should have em.i gotta search my files for those flix, when i find em i'll post them up....., make killed those gates..he took 8 hours on that piece its about over 100 feet long and about 12 feet high, it took 3 connector shots just to get the whole thing.
  12. here flix from my negro make...he definitely doesnt get the props he deserves for the effort and work he puts into the game. this dudes been in the game for over 7 years and he did and is still doin his thing, he brought a good amount of writers into the game, including myself. Heres his flix.if u got more..feel free to add em. Big Make.tmc.imok.bfk. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00233999f00000009.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00233999f00000010.jpg'>
  13. right here is a writer that is def. slept on...this kids been rockin queens and long island for awhile now, also makin the occasional bronx and conneticut trips..heres a few of his flix.add more if u gots em.. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00231212f00000001.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00231212f00000002.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00231212f00000003.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00231212f00000004.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00231212f00000005.jpg'>
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