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d struk

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  1. a little ruen bite goin on to 1492 got that hunger im with socrates adn ever been so bored oyu went and found a wall to paint all day...ugh.
  2. d struk


    none of this is shopwin up
  3. kali the platipirate, ECCE keep it up nice graphics everybody nice graphics ive only doen a small amount of stencils myself but i do believe it is an under explored outlet and alot of work could be done surrounding stencilling but who cares what i think.
  4. d struk

    Yard Safety

    just like everyone else thanks for looking out any infos good info and will go to good use.
  5. Now i Have been stopped and caught when caught i really had no where to run they had watched me hit up and were out of the car by the time i turned around adn walking my way now i fucked up, so i throw my marker on the ground and talk to them blah blah both ways then they ask to search my bag i replied no and they didnt why i cant say but it saved my ass from free room and board that night fact is they cant even search your person unless declared under arrest as well as your belongings.
  6. Depends on if your talking about B.C. if so probably.
  7. all the bitchin you can handle. i love seattle ha ha ha.
  8. d struk

    YOUR walls....

    everybody postin hell yeah nothin else to say .
  9. d struk

    Tag Flix

    san franciscos got the best writes in the west rights?
  10. i hearda calligraphy but killigraphy.
  11. off da hizzie. Did i say that right?
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