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  1. Something about that color scheme looks so familiar :o I think cuz it's stolen :lol: Can someone tell me tho, how did he feel her snatch? Was it gently? Softly? Sexually? Someone fill me in please. Thanks.
  2. Lol its hipster holocost over here u already kno don't bring that shit to the chi!!!!
  3. Oh word? That looks like a diss to me. Somebody better explain themselves....
  4. dam Metue str8 bit Vespa's color scheme on that one!
  5. SPEK (with a aura, second outline, forcefield, whaterver you want to call it) TINT KEM JEKOL GOMA BROKE TAHOE TYPE MAYOR JARE HAVE VEGAN PEPE nice thread
  6. Re: Great Pictures~ The rest of this mans photos can be found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/md11forever/ Lots of good freight benching there too.
  7. Anyone remember Kazaa.... is that still around anymore? I used that after Napster went down. Now I fuck with Ares, but I'm not up on the computer technology curve so that is probably not very good.
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