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  1. nickel slick

    Made U Look

    Something about that color scheme looks so familiar :o I think cuz it's stolen :lol: Can someone tell me tho, how did he feel her snatch? Was it gently? Softly? Sexually? Someone fill me in please. Thanks.
  2. nickel slick

    Made U Look

  3. nickel slick

    Made U Look

  4. nickel slick

    Made U Look

    Lol its hipster holocost over here u already kno don't bring that shit to the chi!!!!
  5. nickel slick


    Oh word? That looks like a diss to me. Somebody better explain themselves....
  6. nickel slick

    Made U Look

    dam Metue str8 bit Vespa's color scheme on that one!
  7. nickel slick

    Made U Look

    found of flickr
  8. nickel slick

    the itch

    it aint trickin if u got it
  9. nickel slick

    I had the 2011 thing last year

    C3PO MUL
  10. nickel slick

    throw some cheese

  11. nickel slick

    the poopy is from the booty

  12. nickel slick

    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!

    SPEK (with a aura, second outline, forcefield, whaterver you want to call it) TINT KEM JEKOL GOMA BROKE TAHOE TYPE MAYOR JARE HAVE VEGAN PEPE nice thread
  13. nickel slick

    the magic number is 42

  14. nickel slick

    The Great Photography Superthread

    Re: Great Pictures~ The rest of this mans photos can be found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/md11forever/ Lots of good freight benching there too.
  15. nickel slick

    the new limewire

    Anyone remember Kazaa.... is that still around anymore? I used that after Napster went down. Now I fuck with Ares, but I'm not up on the computer technology curve so that is probably not very good.