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  1. frances bean...marry me
  2. its just you, your eyes are fucked up
  3. were just good friends bump no homo
  4. That was a couple years ago. Since then, our renegade graff writer has been evicted from his home and fired from his job, while his crew, KUK (Kill Until Killed), have earned the distinction of being the first graff crew in SF to be raided by the police and subsequently indicted by a grand jury on 24 felony charges of graffiti and conspiracy to commit graffiti as a gang. Law enforcement officials have adopted a zero-tolerance stance against the graffiti writers and the District Attorney's office is reportedly opting for full prosecution, which could lead to time in state prison. "In March, a San Francisco grand jury indicted 8 people on 24 counts, including conspiracy (182); gang participation (186.22); graffiti (594); and there were gang enhancements. On a legal point, defendants are charged with participating in a gang, as well as crimes committed for a gang purpose. All are felony counts. A conviction could mean state prison. Of the 8 indicted, 5 are allegedly members of KUK, which stands for Kill Until Killed (or according to one member, Kiss Until Kissed). One alleged gang member is a woman. All are in their 20s and come from middle or upper middle class backgrounds. All are Caucasian. Some have multiple prior convictions for related crimes. The crimes that lead to the indictment occurred in 2002 and included the gang tag, KUK, as well as the tags of individuals. Those included: deth; abhor; sleaze; vic20; and a graphic of a large dead cat, with Xs for eyes. That was allegedly the product of the female member. KUK Graffiti has appeared in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley; on cars, trucks, road signs, light boxes, overpasses, and public and private buildings. One tag stretched, and maybe still stretches, over 200 feet. On Potrero Hill, on a housing project called Turner Terrace, and which is visible from hwy 280, I'm told there is a tag 6 feet tall and perhaps 100 feet long. "Practical considerations," says Harry Dorfman, "made it so that we only presented a portion of the available evidence to the grand jury." Mr. Dorfman says there were more than 100 separate tags that might have been used as evidence. Seven of the eight indicted were arrested. I don't have a date yet. One has a warrant. Sept 6 is the trial date." -Press Notes from the Office of the District Attorney website i was just wondering, how did that turn out? hahaha rest in power sham
  5. that react is clean Quoted post [/b] you cant polish a turd
  6. find a mize fill in, then look at this, i dont really see what letter that is but i can see it being a "m" alot better
  7. i like smoking those because it makes you feel like your on acid for 15 minutes and then goes away, perfect then you can do that as much as you want and it doesnt last 8 hours unless you want it to
  8. this yard is famos its a shame people still paint there let that shit run...damn kids this they can move the the city and paint spots that are ledgendary GET FF THE NUTS Quoted post TELL THAT TO KING ADEK AND ERUPTO CUHZINNNNN. Quoted post [/b] im sure hes not talking about the keda or erupto, hmm maybe hes talking about that obvious intrusion to that lot, what the fuck was abno thinking "hey see that 2 feet below that throw up, yeah thats my spot, im gona do a straight letter piece and with the little space i have for my letters im going to do yellow highlights on it and a border too, im sure he wont mind if i go in his 3d and crowd the shit out of him, no im sure thats fine" what?
  9. Bump this NEKST LEVEL!!!!!!!!!! Quoted post [/b] clever
  10. im suprised you all didnt go to jail christmas eve hey dfie, make me a mother fucking sandwich
  11. congradulations to the houston police for letting that murderer go, WHOOPTHHH! thats the best think ive heard in a long time, i hope he never gets caught and the hpd is a laughing stock for letting the guy just walk out of the jail, kind of gives you hope doesnt it
  12. this is the best thing ever, chan dissed by dega
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