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  1. Life in the ghetto endlessly running through 8 Floating Armies Vision Machine crispy potatoes bumpsky bumpbump
  2. Sincerely.... thanks for posting a thread like this....it's nice to get away from all the bullshit on other threads....What do people think about David Foster Wallace...I like his style, kinda neurotic...one of my favorite books is The Last Samurai by come lady, although i forgot her name...it helped to know some latin and a germanic before reading, but it's awesome....Requiem by Curtis White is equally good....I once (or twice) read a book called the Butterfly Revolution...kinda simple, but weird totaltarian tones....I dunno...thanks for yer time. peacers:ballcap:
  3. All Asia Cafe 334 Mass Ave Cambridge 11:00 pm MC Rhetoric Dez-montero & Big Shot Open mic (time permitting) 5$$ Cover 2 $$ PBR's all night Last friday was dope, peace to everyone who showed up...
  4. its sad how some people feel they better themselvs buy being a cynical fuck towards others.... and you fuckin suck.
  5. Presented by Marxminship Thursday Feb 27th at the Milky Way Dj's Jayceeoh and Mutt - live dj set...check out jayceeoh wednesday nights on WERS R.O.T.E - ft. Jake the snake this years superbowl battle champ Greede Fam Komadose - check out www.komadose.com for music downloads, check out beta one and ghastly good cheer, and their message board 7$$ at the door Doors at 9:00 show starts at 9:30 milky way lounge 403-405 center st jamacia plaine mass Also GET GLEN OUT OF JAIL FREE!!! All asia Cafe 334 mass ave cambridge dj mutt spi
  6. FATA rock... you still comin to bean this weekend or are you to busy touring all over america, doing absolutly amazing things which most people never even get to dream about experiencing let alone actually experience????? ---i got those dallas flix. that wall was hhhootttt!!! and i sent you some more fliks for that package yesterday...you should get them in a few days.
  7. respect to that sp.one piece....rocking on the lie when i was still rocking the back seat......and who posted a maker flik anyway that kid is way to new school for this thread... errrrr.......T
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