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  1. lycan


    question: anyone know what the thing is of the devil looking silhouette with the martini glass in his hand? i've seen it stenciled around and just wondered what it was all about. also dig the strike anywhere three arrows pointing down to the right thing. heh.
  2. thank god that guy lost the elections... i didn't know throwups were a form of protest :cool: , i'd expect crimethinc shit like "you are all sheep!" and circle a's to be all over that kind of protest. then again, it's france, not america.
  3. lycan

    dead death

    you need to chill out my man...i don't even know who you are, nor do i have anything to prove to anyone in pittsburgh. if i set out to act like tough shit i'd end up making an ass of myself...and since it seems like you know so much about me you probably know i'm really not any good at graffiti, i don't see any of my shit on this thread and there's a reason for it. anyway, thanks for the heads up and editting your post too.
  4. lycan

    dead death

    makes sense that i edit it when you just quoted me with the original message in it right? good call.
  5. lycan

    dead death

    that hektik is nice but you won't be seeing him around for a long time... too bad...i always liked both his pieces and his handstyles.
  6. that seak is TIGHT as is the equis as well as the usual ono, cream, reke beef, it's what's for dinner unless your vegetarian, then you could say maybe seitan, it's what's for dinner boca smokes sausages, they're what's for dinner fried tofu, it's what's for dinner
  7. lycan


    that skeo vid fuckin rules - he totally doesn't care. bump for that.
  8. nice... black you ever wanna do anything that takes more than 2 hands, let me know. i'd be real into helping you out on a couple pastings or something. -lycan
  9. hey blackham this shit's all you, haha. i haven't seen anythign new recently...need some help? i'm all about getting into pasting.
  10. atmosphere's playing roboto please tell me you're in free barabbas... if so, you guys fucking rule, i fucking love you guys....i wish i were as cool as you in high school, hah. what tag do you write? maybe i've seen it around?
  11. p.s... there's a bunch of good shows coming up...milemarker, bane, converge, pg99. atmosphere on nov. 19 if you're a hip hop dude. if you didn't already know this shit....
  12. eastcoast: yeah, i'm at roboto all the time, heh. wednesday night was the teddy duchamps army homecoming show (they were on tour for 5 weeks) with crucial unit, shiver, fin fan foom, and world b. the unit and teddy duchamps rocked.
  13. At 4:05 a.m. yesterday, unusual noises from the light-rail vehicle storage yard attracted the attention of Port Authority employees who work nights at the maintenance facility next to South Hills Village. When three employees went outside to investigate, they surprised a group of people spray-painting graffiti on the outsides of parked LRVs. The vandals fled on foot and scattered. But Thomas J. Lawson Jr., 20, who told authorities he lives in Pleasant Hills, tripped on tracks and fell. The employees pounced on him and detained him until authority police arrived and arrested him. Lawson, a freshman engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh, was arraigned early yesterday afternoon before District Justice Oscar Petite of Uptown on two felony counts of criminal mischief and one summary offense of defiant trespass. Lawson was placed in the Allegheny County Jail when he was unable to post a $10,000 cash bond set by Petite. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday before District Justice Sally Edkins in Upper St. Clair. Lawson and his cohorts had spray-painted graffiti, including obscenities, on 27 of the authority's 55 LRVs. Although employees began immediately to remove the paint, a number of trolleys scrawled with graffiti had to be put into service for yesterday's morning rush hour, when 47 cars are required to fill the schedule. Trolleys with obscenities painted on the outsides were held back at the South Hills yard, however. Most of the graffiti had been removed from all the cars by noon, but Port Authority spokesman Bob Grove said removing "residual paint" will take more time. Damage was estimated in excess of $25,000, including overtime pay and costs of equipment and materials used to remove graffiti. The authority also confirmed that at least six LRVs had been spray-painted with graffiti during the early hours Saturday morning. Those cars also were cleaned up quickly, but no arrests have been made in that incident. "The Port Authority police investigation is continuing," Grove said. "We do not believe [Lawson] was acting alone. More people could be arrested." Authority police said Lawson lived on the fourth floor of Forbes House, a dormitory at 3525 Forbes Ave. They don't know whether the suspect participated with friends from home or the university. Authority police obtained a search warrant and knocked on the door of Lawson's apartment shortly after 8 a.m. yesterday. "They woke us up and tried to accuse us, but it wasn't us," said Henry Pyatt of Monroe County, one of Lawson's two roommates. "He's got other friends." Pyatt and the other roommate, Dustin Latimer of Illiniois, said police took "paint and stuff" that belonged to Lawson. "We hardly talk to the dude," Latimer said. "I had some idea he might have been doing graffiti, but I never really saw him do anything." Grove said authority officials don't know how the vandals gained access twice within a week to the vehicle storage and maintenance yard, which, while covering a dozen acres, is surrounded by chain-link fence. "That's part of our investigation," he said. what does the guy who got caught write, out of curiosity?
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