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  1. Got suitably wasted in both places i 2010. Im gonna say Bourbon St, more fun!!!
  2. Yaba is speed & Lithium, in a flavored pill thats smoked..
  3. Smoke a bunch of yaba and stay in a hotel room full of thai hookers for days. Thats a trip you dont get out of your head.
  4. Obviously people are unclear on what a burner is.
  5. Rolln


    Yeah the Wild is nice.
  6. Rolln


    Cant speak for every tag on this page but isnt the thread called handSTYLES??? seriously.
  7. Rolln

    BA Crew

    I think the Jase is 93 or 94
  8. Rolln


    The shaken is 1986 or 87 I think?
  9. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo How can I can be da man when you da man...
  10. I hate it when I cant reach into the screen and strangle one of you toys...
  11. Rolln


    Felon chaneling Sope nicely.
  12. That levis can is the exactly the same design as the "WIN" cans currently available in Thailland.
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